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Cybersecurity Statement

Cybersecurity Statement - March 6th 2017

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March 6, 2017

Dear Valued Customer / Partner,

We were recently made aware of a cybersecurity vulnerability that affects a number of our recorders and IP cameras. It’s important to note that the vulnerability is not the result of a malicious attack on any specific installation where our products are deployed. The vulnerability was discovered by Bashis conducting independent testing of various suppliers' surveillance products who brought this to our attention.

Our extensive team of engineering and security specialists have been conducting exhaustive tests across our comprehensive surveillance offering and have isolated a small piece of code that caused this vulnerability. We are developing a series of firmware patches to alleviate this issue along with the information you need to implement these proactive updates. Our technical team will also be available if you would like our assistance installing these firmware updates. We will update our cybersecurity page on our website to reflect the available batches for the affected product. (

Please rest assured that Dahua has taken immediate action to address this situation, and will continue to work towards implementing surveillance solutions that provide the highest levels of security and integrity.

Dahua greatly appreciates your business/partnership and welcomes any feedback or questions you may have.

Thank you,

Dahua Technology USA