Dahua DeepHub Device Management System

The Dahua DeepHub Device Management System is a powerful remote device management software that supports various operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS) and devices (smart interactive whiteboards, tablets, computers, etc.), meeting the diverse needs of users. Through this intelligent system, the administrator not only can view device information (screen name, serial number, operating system, tags, etc.), but also can send files or install applications to all or selected devices. In addition, the administrator can also apply different policies (e.g. permission restrictions) to a device to ensure its safety.

> Offers full remote access to all devices.

> Provides information of devices (name, OS, last seen, IP address, CPU usage, memory, storage, apps, and more).

> Supports sending instant or scheduled messages to all or selected devices.

> Supports creating different users in the platform and setting their relevant permissions accordingly.

> Supports adding tags and groups for different devices, allowing the administrator to apply actions on one device, groups of devices or all devices.

> Supports installing and uninstalling applications on devices.

> Supports applying and enforcing different usage policies on devices.

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