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Digital Mobile Surveillance System

DMSS for IOS/Android
>1. Multi-Language: Bulgarian, Chinese, Simplified , Chinese, Traditional, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Netherland, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese
>2. Support real-time live/playback
Supports remote monitor, playback and configure the device
>3. Support H.265/H.264/ decoding
>4. Support alarm push with live/playback/image
Alarm Push with three different types enables you to acquire instant messages for what happened in your monitoring environment.
>5. Task Wheel to change Favorites Group
A simple tap to add “Favorite Group”; A little Slide to get your “Favorite Group”

  • 仕様
  • アクセサリ
  • ダウンロード
  • Version
    Device to Use
    Supported Devices
    DVR, XVR, NVR, IPC, VTO, Alarm Hub, Access Control
    Add Device Method
    IP/domain, SN, DDNS, Import form account
    Device Management
    Remote config, Alarm Config, HDD info, Share device
    Live Preview
    Video Display Split
    1/4/9/16 split
    Max. Channels Can be Opened at The Same Time
    Snapshot, Record, Instant playback, PTZ, Fisheye dewarp, Stream control, Talk, Audio, Alarm, Color, Favorites, Remember channels
    Max. Channels Can be Opened When Video Playback
    Time Period of Video Playback
    24 hours
    Snapshot, Record, Faster/Slower play, Play next frame, Cut
    Alarm Push
    Alarm Type
    Motion Detect, Camera masking, Local alarm, Disk alarm(no disk, Low space, disk Error), Face detection, Ivs alarm
    Push Type
    Video, Live
    Minimum System Requirements
    Android: 5.0 and above;
    IOS: 9.0 and above