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SMD 3.0

What is SMD 3.0?

2018年、Dahua Technologyはスマート動体検知(SMD)テクノロジーを改革し、設定内の人物や車両の形状を識別してアラームを送信することで、企業や家庭の安全確保を提供してきました。
最新IPカメラ・SMD 3.0をご紹介します!


  • Reduced False Alarms

    Through the upgrading of its AI capacities, false alarms caused by animals, leaves, and lights, etc. are significantly reduced.
  • Longer Detection Distance

    By constantly improving its AI capacities, the detection range of the same device has increased by as much as 100%.
  • Higher Detection Accuracy

    Through the upgrade of its AI capacities, the maximum detection accuracy for human and vehicle can reach up to 99%.
  • Quick Target Search

    Data about humans and vehicles can be extracted and classified from the video, allowing users to play back, review and retrieve data history.
  • Simple Configuration

    SMD 3.0 is enabled by default. It also supports classification settings for human and vehicle.



·Allows easy deployment, adjustment and management

·Saves bandwidth and offers fast processing and accurate alarms

·Supports full-channel AI function



  • Villa

    Protect your property when you're away from home.

  • Pasture Land

    Safeguard farmer’s properties and reduce their operation costs.