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What is Face Recognition?



  • High Accuracy

    Face recognition solution ensures high accuracy of detection rate and recognition rate by using deep learning algorithms.
  • More Value

    Statistical report analysis based on structural features helps shop owners find potential customers, and guides their marketing plans.
  • High Efficiency

    Face recognition solution can quickly find useful information from massive data through AI search.
  • More Choices

    Customers can choose the appropriate face recognition solution according to their actual situation. This solution offers flexible deployment, high cost-performance value and strong expansion capability.



·Low requirements for network bandwidth

·Reduces transmission pressure

·Supports optimized snapshot, preferred recognition and removing of duplicated face images.



  • Industrial Park

    When an unauthorized person appears in the monitored area, the alarm will be triggered. At the same time, it will send photos of the target to the portable terminal of security personnel. Stop loss in time.

  • Bank

    VIP customers will be detected in real time, and the detection results will be sent to the administrator. It will allow him/her to prepare business reception in advance. Improve customer experience.