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What is Video Metadata?




  • Multiple Attributes Analysis

    Extracts up to 28+ attributes of human, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle in video, which can help pinpoint targets accurately.
  • Quick Target Search

    Offers AI search to locate specified targets using attributes of targets or human body images.
  • PPE Detection

    Detects compliance of wearing Personal Protective Equipment in the site. Attributes that can be detected include hard hats, reflective vests, masks, glasses, top color and bottom color.
  • Flow Statistics

    Customers can use the number and direction of people, motor vehicle and non-vehicle for statistical reports and business analysis.



·Supports PPE Detection.

·Support flow statistics and report export.

·Supports Attributes Analysis and Quick Target Location.

·Low requirements for network bandwidth. Reduces transmission pressure.



  • Smart City

    Usage of video metadata makes up for the limited coverage of face and vehicle cameras, increases the integrity of pedestrian and vehicle evidences, and effectively improves the security personnel’s ability to detect cases.

  • Main Road

    Through the Wizmind Video Metadata device, the attributes, direction and number statistics of people, motor vehicles, and non-motor vehicles can be analyzed simultaneously in one device. There is no need to store face images, which can help protect personal privacy.

  • Plant

    Using PPE Detection function can detect whether employees in plants are wearing Personal Protective Equipment as required, which can significantly improve work safety of employees, and efficiently reduce the input of safety management personnel.