Explosion-Proof & Anti-Corrosion

  • Extreme environment demands higher requirements on the monitoring camera. General equipment suffers from short lifecycle, high failure rate and frequent replacement. The Dahua all-environment series offers better surveillance experience in hazardous environment. The Dahua explosion-proof camera is equipped with a flameproof enclosure that can withstand inner explosion pressure and avoid it from spreading to the around environment. It provides real-time monitoring of key areas and equipment operation status. This ATEX and IECEx certifified camera is ideal for various application scenarios such as oil refining plants, chemical plants, oil and gas stations, and flour mills. Dahua’s anti-corrosion series includes 316L stainless steel materials and anti-corrosion coating materials that meet NEMA 4X standard or EN60950-22 standard. This series offers a variety of design and function options to meet different customer needs, making it suitable for HD surveillance of sites with neutral salt haze such as ports, coastal zones, shipping areas, coastal roads, chemical facilities, islands, etc.