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Inovação Tecnológica | Alta Qualidade | Solução End-to-End

Principais Tecnologias

Embedded ANPR

High ANPR accuracy, Plate capture rate by video ≥ 98%; Recognition rate ≥ 95%
With built-in intelligent video analytics, the camera is able to to detect and recognize moving vehicle's plate number in low speed less than 40km/h. No matter for approaching or departing ring vehicle, the access ANPR will take a snapshot for plate cutout, vehicle overview picture and also record the surveillance video.

Our embedded ANPR’s advantage

Smart ANPR Camera General Camera + LPR Server
Bandwidth Less (Transfer image and plate) Much more (Transfer the video)
Cost Cost Saving (Only camera cost) Expensive (Separate LPR server cost)
Reliability Network independent
(Work when network is offline)
Network dependent
(Can't work if network is offline)

Unmanned Management of Entrance

No need for a guard onsite to manage the barrier, the ANPR system can easily judge if the approaching vehicle’s plate is in the allow list, open the barrier once the plate has already been registered. In case of accidents, such as visitor or ANPR failed, the intercom will be linked to the monitor center for alarming a guard to control the barrier remotely.
All the system function above can be easily configured and operated in management platform EMS, which is software based on windows available. C/S architecture design enables flexible function extension.

Open API for Integrator

Provide abundant data through API of different product combinations.