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Epidemic Safety Protection Solution


With the massive scope of the COVID-19 outbreak globally, various countries have announced new regulations to combat the spread of this pandemic, such as maintaining distance in essential activities, limiting in the number of people inside, monitoring of people’s body temperature, etc.

Many public places are facing challenges to keep open under COVID-19

How to ensure that the temperature of people is normal?

How to efficiently maintain the flow and number of people inside?

How to avoid people gathering?

... ...

In order to support the smooth resumption of businesses, work and school classes, Dahua launched its SMB Epidemic Safety Protection Solution.


SMB Epidemic Safety Protection Solution

The SMB Epidemic Safety Protection Solution can be divided into multiple solutions to meet different requirements.

Solution Values

Only healthy individuals can enter the facility.

• Monitor body temperature and prevent person-to-person cross infection.

• Monitor everyone entering the facility to avoid the spread of the virus.

Once the number of people in the facility reaches the preset value, immediately notify the staff.

• Avoid the spread of viruses due to people gathering by limiting the number of people inside the facility.

Remind people to keep distance.

• Avoid close and physical contact to reduce the risk of cross infection between people.

Solution Topology

Application Scenarios


Temperature Monitoring Solution - Thermal

Temperature Monitoring Solution - Access Control

People Flow Control Solution

Social Distancing Reminder Solution

  • This solution ensures that the temperature of the people entering the area is normal. It detects body temperature in real-time. When the temperature reaches the threshold, an alert notification will pop on the screen and the sound alarm will be triggered at the same time. This solution also supports several kinds of display devices.

    • Solution Highlights

    • Provides safe, efficient and accurate temperature monitoring

    • Offers non-contact screening with up to 3 meters in distance, allowing quick passage

    • Supports multi-person detection of up to 30 targets at the same time

    • Supports visual abnormal alert to facilitate back-tracking

    • Features non-mask detection for intelligent control with face mask detection rate of >95%

    • Application Scenarios

    • Product Selection

  • The Dahua Access Control Temperature Monitoring Solution integrates face recognition and temperature monitoring technology into a well coordinated access control management system, enabling a safe working and learning environment.

    • Solution Highlights

    • Face recognition is integrated with body temperature monitoring, no additional staff required

    • Non-contact access to reduce cross-infection

    • Large storage of face images and temperature information for easy back-tracking

    • Fast access to prevent congestion

    • Application Scenarios

    • Product Selection

  • This solution counts the number of customers inside in real-time. When the number of people exceeds the threshold set by the user, it will remind people to wait outside.

    When the number of people inside the store is within the threshold set by the user, incoming customers are allowed to enter.

    Remind people to pay attention when the number of people inside the store is about to reach the threshold set by the user.

    When the number of people inside the store exceeds the threshold set by the user, incoming customers are not allowed to enter.

    • Solution Topology

    • Solution Highlights

    • High Efficiency
    Employees don't need to stand at the door all the time. They only need to assist incoming customers when the number of people inside the shop is reaching the threshold.

    • High Accuracy
    The number of people inside the shop are monitored and displayed on the screen, eliminating the need for manual counting which is often inaccurate especially if there are multiple entrances.

    • Safe
    This intelligent solution can reduce the risk of cross infection that can be caused by direct contact between shop assistants and customers.

    • Application Scenarios

    • Product Selection

  • Avoid close and physical contact to reduce the risk of cross infection between the staff and customers. When the physical distance between two people are less than the preset value, the system will remind the staff to act accordingly.

    • Solution Topology

    • Solution Highlights

    • Accurate Alarms:
    The customers and shop assistants will be reminded by an external alarm device or built-in mic in IPC or NVR when the physical distance between two people is below the limit. This will prompt the people in line to adjust and maintain distance from each other until the alarm turns off.

    • Safe Operation:
    This intelligent solution can help remind and maintain social distancing between people, significantly reducing the risk of cross infection in the shop.

    • Easy Deployment:
    This solution is simple and easy to deploy, saving installation time and efforts.

    • Application Scenarios

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