Comptage des Personnes

Qu’est-ce que le comptage des personnes ?

La fonction de comptage de personnes de Dahua peut suivre et traiter des cibles humaines mobiles afin de réaliser des statistiques précises sur les personnes qui entrent, sortent et se trouvent actuellement dans la zone surveillée. Cette fonctionnalité offre des données précieuses aux clients pour les rapports d’analyse de rentabilité. Elle fournit des statistiques de comptage atteignant 98 % de précision.


  • People Counting for Line Crossing

    Dahua People Counting can obtain in-depth information, filter hovering and provide report with high accuracy.
  • People Counting in Area

    It supports 4 areas independent detection, real-time detects the changes in the number of people in every area.
  • Queue Management

    Dahua Queue Management supports two types of alarm: the number of people and waiting time alarm in a queue.

Typical Scenario

  • Entrance

    The statistics of daily people count is very important for business analysis. It is one of the most important data for the operation manager. This data enables retailers to align staff and customer-to-staff ratio during peak hours using the traffic data. In addition, retailers can also measure the performance of marketing campaigns according to the change in customer traffic.

  • Checkout Counter

    With the queue management function, when the number of people or the waiting time reaches the preset threshold, it will alert the manager to open additional checkout counters to serve customers without delay. This enables retailers to deliver better in-store experience and reduce labor costs.