Video Conferencing

Gambaran Umum

Konferensi video adalah salah satu jajaran produk terbaru Dahua. Lini ini fokus pada desain, pengembangan, dan penelitian independen terkait sistem konferensi audio dan video.

Sistem ini mencakup rangkaian lengkap produk konferensi video seperti perangkat keras endpoint konferensi video, perangkat lunak endpoint, unit kontrol konferensi multi-titik, sistem manajemen, konferensi awan, dan periferal. Produk-produk ini menawarkan berbagai solusi konferensi video untuk digunakan di berbagai bidang, seperti industri umum, keamanan publik, pendidikan jarak jauh, dan pelayanan medis jarak jauh.



Compact Appearance

The Web Camera series products are mainly designed for personal space. The portable design, ultra-wide field of view and ultra-high resolution delivered a clear, wide, and convenient video conference experience for users.

All-in-one Design

The All-in-one USB Camera series is suitable for small/huddle rooms that integrates camera, microphone and speaker. The easy operation, UHD resolution and large field of view greatly guarantee high quality video and audio effects when working or studying.

PTZ Control

Conference Camera series fills the gap of video conferencing demands in large & medium-sized conference rooms. By using the remote controller, the PTZ Camera achieves flexible adjustment of angle and wider field of view. Moreover, the original electronic anti - shake technology ensures the image output more stable.

Clear Sound

The Mic & Speaker series products suit for various types of rooms from personal space to large meeting rooms. The dedicated design and extraordinary sound effects significantly meet the users’ requirements of completely natural conversation experience.