Product Introduction

The Dahua IVSS (Intelligent Video Surveillance Server) is equipped with Dahua's self-developed machine learning algorithms and AI module cards that enable high-performance intelligent computing capabilities. IVSS also offers powerful IP video access capabilities, integrated video storage, quick search, and management functions, providing superior incoming and recording bandwidth.

Key Features

  • Powerful AI Computing

    With built-in scalable AI module, IVSS provides powerful intelligent computing performance.

  • Abundant Algorithms

    10+ types of industrial intelligent algorithms which can be compatible with Dahua/ONVIF third-party non-AI cameras.

  • All-in-One

    IVSS combines video search, storage, management, and computing features all in one device.

  • Superior Storage

    Up to 24 disk slots for storage and up to 256-ch for IP video access; Supports RAID to ensure data security.

About IVSS Industrial Algorithms

How to combine several intelligent algorithms flexibly and swiftly?