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RF Anti-theft Antenna

> High quality anti-theft antenna for various retailers.
> Excellent detection rate, minimum false alarm, good anti-interference performance.
> Durable and colorfast high strength aluminum alloy material.
> Flexibly configure antenna types based on channel width.
> Adjustable detection sensitivity to avoid power interference. Aging test proved with excellent stability.
> CCTV linkage supported.
> Sound and light alarm.
> Low power consumption, environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient.

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  • Basic parameters


    Radio-Frequency (RF)

    Detection Frequency

    8.2 MHz/9.5 MHz

    Sweep Bandwidth

    950 kHz

    Modulation Frequency

    160/170/180/90 Hz

    The Maximum Detection Distance of Soft Tags

    1.6 m (pair of antenna spacing)

    The Maximum Detection Distance of Hard Tags

    1.8 m (pair of antenna spacing)

    Alarm Volume

    Standard volume 90 dB (adjustable)

    Antenna Type & Number

    1 × transmitter/1 × receiver

    Transmitter Mode


    Transmitting and Receiving Quantity

    1 transmitter supports a maximum of 2 receivers

    Alarm Device Location



    Conform with RoHS & CE
    Directive 2011/65/EU, 2015/863/EU and REACH regulations as defined in EC No 1907/2006 and subsequent amendments.

    General parameters

    Shell Material

    Aluminum alloy


    Light gray

    Installation Method

    Expansion screw

    Power Supply Voltage

    24 VDC

    Adapter Parameters

    Input: 100–240 VAC/50–60 Hz
    Output : 24 VDC 1.5 A

    Transmitter Working Current

    0.3 A

    Receiver Working Current

    0.3 A

    Rated Power

    15 W (a pair of antennas)

    Single Antenna Size

    1670 mm × 420 mm × 80 mm (65.75'' × 16.54'' × 3.15'')

    Single Packing Size

    1740 mm × 495 mm × 110 mm (68.50'' × 19.49'' × 4.33'')

    Kit Packing Size

    1740 mm × 495 mm × 220 mm (68.50'' × 19.49'' × 8.66'')

    Single Gross Weight

    8.8 kg (19.40 lb)

    Kit Gross Weight

    16.5 kg (36.38 lb)


    PW - IN

    24 VDC power input port

    PW - OUT

    24 VDC power output port


    Grounding port


    Buzzer port


    Synchronous signal input port


    Synchronous signal output port


    CCTV linkage output port

    Environmental Constraints


    0 °C to 30 °C (32 °F to +86 °F)


    30 % –60 % (RH)