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3MP AI Enforcement Camera

> GS-CMOS image sensor
> 2048×1536@50fps
> Video compression standards: H.265/H.264M/H.264H/H.264B/MJPEG
> Integrated design, IP67

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  • Image Processing

    Image sensor

    1/1.8’’ GS-CMOS

    Shutter mode

    Single shutter/double shutters/three shutters

    Electronic shutter speed

    1/50 s–1/100000 s (manual/auto)

    Exposure mode

    Supports full auto; customized auto; customized

    Iris type

    Fixed iris/manual iris/DC auto iris/P-IRIS auto iris

    Image resolution

    2048×1536 (H×V) (OSD black strip excluded)

    Video resolution

    3MP (2048×1536)/1080P (1920×1080)/720P (1280×720)/D1 (704×576)/CIF (352×288)

    Video frame rate

    Maximum 50fps; main stream (2048×1536@25fps), substream (704×576@25fps)

    Video bit rate

    H.264: 32kbps–32767kbps
    H.265: 32kbps–32767kbps
    MJPEG: 512kbps–32767kbps

    Video compression


    Image encoding


    Wide dynamic range


    White balance

    Auto/home/office/night/custom color temperature

    Noise reduction

    2D NR/3D NR

    Day/night mode

    Automatic switch between day and night. IR cut-off filter (IRCF) with polarizing filter
    is used during daytime, and it switches to common filter at night

    Highlight compensation


    Bad pixel correction


    Edge enhancement



    Composite image

    Support creating composite image with 1, 2, 3, or 4 image(s).

    Trigger mode


    OSD overlay

    Time, address (position of channel), lane (number, direction), plate (number and color), vehicle (speed, color, logo, brand, type), non-motor vehicle feature


    FTP; TF card (up to 256GB@Class10)

    Alarm event

    Storage full, storage error, external alarm, no storage, vehicle plate blacklist, gyro abnormal attitude, unauthorized access, network disconnection, and IP conflict

    Automatic network replenishment

    Yes, through platform/FTP

    Image tampering prevention

    Yes, watermark and verification are available for videos and pictures

    Positioning function

    Yes, GPS/Beidou

    Time synchronization

    Yes, NTP/GPS

    Attitude detection

    Built-in electronic gyroscope supports attitude anomaly detection and alarm


    User name and password, MAC address, HTTPS, network access control

    Auto register



    Target detection

    Supports detection of motor and non-motor vehicles

    Face detection

    Supports face detection of driver and the passenger next to driver

    License plate recognition

    Supports recognizing Indian plates in the baseline version; for other countries/regions, customization is required

    Vehicle type detection

    Supports recognizing large, medium-sized, and small vehicles, and motorcycles in the baseline version. For other vehicle types, customization is required

    Vehicle color recognition

    Supports recognizing white, orange, pink, black, red, yellow, gray, blue, green, purple, brown, and silver gray

    Motor vehicle violation snapshot

    ANPR mode: Overspeed, underspeed, unfastened safety belt, calling while driving
    E-police mode: Running red light, overspeed

    Non-motor vehicle violation snapshot

    Not wearing helmet

    Vehicle flow detection

    Supports statistics (by lane and by time period) on vehicle flow, average speed, vehicle type, occupancy, average queue length, etc., and supports exporting reports

    Video structuring

    Motor vehicle: Plate, type, color, logo, and series of vehicle; unfastened safe belt; calling while driving
    Non-motor vehicle: Type (non-motor vehicle or pedestrian), wearing helmet or not


    Lens mount

    C mount

    Aperture control port

    1; DC auto iris or P-IRIS auto iris lens

    Frequency source sync port

    1; sync the camera with AC

    Peripheral light port

    7; optocoupler signal output (can be used as synchronous output ports of flashing light or LED strobe, frequency adjustable)

    Analog output

    1 BNC port

    Ethernet port

    2 × 10x100/1000M RJ45 port.

    USB port

    2 USB3.0 ports

    GPS port


    Storage port

    1; maximum 256G local storage by TF card

    RS-485 port

    2; connecting to signal detector, vehicle detector, strobe, light, etc.

    RS-232 port

    4; used for serial debugging or radar connection

    I/O port

    4; used for I/O trigger capture signal input, or alarm input

    Alarm input

    4; used as I/O port

    Alarm output

    2; relay/optocoupler alarm output. The port can be configured as alarm output port or wiper output port

    Audio input

    1; 3.5 mm headphone jack

    Audio output

    1; 3.5 mm headphone jack

    Power output

    12V±10% voltage output, ≤1.5A current output


    Power supply

    100V AC–240V AC (50Hz/60Hz)

    Power consumption


    Operating temperature

    -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)

    Operating humidity


    Protection grade


    Dimensions (L×W×H)

    544.0 mm×195.5 mm×171.5 mm (21.4''×7.7''×6.8'')

    Net weight

    8.0 kg (17.6 lb)

    Gross weight

    8.5 kg (18.7 lb)




    Universal joint installation

    Power supply