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General Surveillance Management Center

System Stability
> Embedded Linux System, C/S Architecture
> Support 7*24 stable operation
> Support distribute and cascade deployment
> Support hot standby for master server
> Support N+M hot standby for slave server
High Compatibility
> All devices included: network camera, network speed dome, NVR, DVR, MDVR, ITC, Access control, VDP, Alarm Controller, etc.
> Connect third-party devices via standard ONVIF protocol
> Offer the platform SDK for third-party platform or mobile phone do further development
High Flexibility and Scability
> Up to 20 slave servers can be managed per master server
> Support up to 5-level cascade
> Support unlimited accounts management, 200 online users and 100 roles
> Support 500 IP devices and 2000 channels
> Support 500 devices to auto-Register
> Support 100 Onvif devices
> Support 256 doors
Powerful Center Storage
> Up to 200TB per server
> Backup record to center storage
> Up to 15 hard disk and ISCSI expand storage
> Support HDD group modes, different HDD group can be assigned to different camera
> Support Raid 0/1/5/6/10

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  • System

    Main Processor

    Intel Core i5, 64 bits 4 Core Processor

    Operating System

    Embedded Linux


    8GB DDR3


    Embedded Board (support 7×24 operation)


    Hot-dipped galvanized sheet steel (1.2mm), High-precise

    aluminum alloy slide, Patented pull-out rack design

    Power Supply

    Redundant Power Supply


    Network Port

    4 RJ-45 Ports10/100/1000Mbps )

    Ethernet Port

    4 Ethernet Ports Joint Working or 4 Independent

    1000Mbps Ethernet Ports




    Front panel: 2× USB 2.0, Rear panel: 2 × USB 2.0


    2 HDMI ( one as network config, another as spare)


    1 VGA, as network config

    Video Management

    Number of Connected Cameras Per Server

    500 IP devices and 2000 channels

    Onvif Device



    500 devices 2000 channels

    Mobile DVR Devices

    200 IP, 800 channels

    Clients Per System

    200 Online Users

    Numbers of Users


    Numbers of Roles


    Bandwidth of Video Input per Server

    700 Mbps

    Bandwidth of Video Output per Server

    700 Mbps

    Alarm Inputs

    80 /s ( Average ), 200/s (Peek)


    HDD Installation

    Built-in 1×1T HDD disk (3.5") for system

    Support 15HDD disks (3.5") for Video or Picture storage

    (Max support 4T HDD)


    Up to 200TB per server

    HDD Mode

    Single, Raid 0/1/5/6/10

    Bandwidth of Video

    Storage per Server

    700 Mbps


    Front Cover

    Support Hot-swap

    7-inch HD LCD (1920 × 1080 , 1280 × 1024, 1024 × 768)


    10W ~ 200W(with HDD)

    Working Environment


    0~ 50

    Working Environment Humidity

    5% ~ 90% (non-condensation)

    Storage Environment Temperature

    -20~ ﹢70

    Storage Environment Humidity

    5% ~ 90% (non-condensation)

    Working Altitude

    -60m ~ 3000m


    (Without Package)

    20 Kg


    3U, 526mm×485mm×135mm