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What is Eco-Thermal ?

The rise in demand for thermal inspection and monitoring in the residential and commercial sectors has led to the penetration of thermal cameras. This growth is also driving the development of products to compact size, low cost and flexibility.

Thermal wizsense series -Dahua economic thermal products, with high integration and abundant intelligent functions, enabling it to penetrate in new application areas, such as the industrial park, factory, warehouse, gas stations etc.


  • All-Weather Monitoring

    The excellent environmental adaptability in harsh conditions, for detecting suspicious people and objects in 24/7 surveillance
  • New Image Fusion

    The new fusion mode extracts not only the coordinates of the targets and its overlay, but also its heat radiation situation distribution, making the fusion more real.
  • Built-in AI Algorithm

    Equipped with built-in deep learning algorithms and better AI hardware performance in order to meet different business requirements.
  • Smart alarm linkage

    Active deterrence for the an abnormal behavior, real-time linkage with strobe light & audio, Effectively reducing loss from property

솔루션 및 제품


·Visible perception: Reliable detection rate, day or night

·AI algorithms: Focus on reducing false alarm and improving the detection rate

·NVR: TPC alarm event linkage ,statistical report and export

·DSS: Unified TPC device management Real-time display. Rich alarm linkage for TPC events Multiple clients login

    일반적인 상황

    • Warehouse

    • Factory

    • Parking lot

    • Gas station