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핵심 기술

Intelligent Perimeter Protection

Thermal Image and Human Body Detecton

• Thermal imaging is visible both day and night
• Supports human body detecton and intrusion alarm
• Supports alarm linkage with PTZ camera

Radar Detection and Smart Tracking

• Radar detects people who enter the surveillance area
• Track every person in the surveillance area and show the path in the VMS software
• Make linkage with PTZ and do auto-tracking surveillance

Predictive Maintenance and Fire Detection

Easy Maintenance

• By thermal channel of hybrid camera and DSS-PRO software, it can do electric infrastructure maintenance during production
• The visible channel shows the production area clearly

Fire Detection

• Fuel area may heat and even get on fire.
The thermal camera can detect fire and send alarm to control center


Set thermal rule for the preset of camera


Connect DSS-PRO and make configuration


Receive alarm from devices


Make online temperature measurement

Remote Surveillance for Special Areas

Dam Panorama Surveillance

Dam is the most important part of hydro power plant, especially for anti-terrorist purpose.
Dahua multi-sensor panoramic camera+PTZ camera can monitor the whole dam area and tracks the moving target with 37x zoom.

Oil Storehouse Explosion-proof Surveillance

Oil storehouse is dangerous because of the risk of explosion.
The explosion-proof camera is safe for the special environment.

Blade Surveillance From Maintenance Platform

• Wind power plant is always far away from city. It takes a lot of time for maintenance.
• By installing this camera on the platform, users can see every detail of the blades.
• This camera is anti-corrosion and suitable for offshore.

Entrance and Switch Room Security

• HD PTZ camera monitors the entrance and switch room for security

Remote Surveillance at Control Center

VMS Platform

• DSS software and sever access all cameras from different areas
• The platform supports remote video surveillance, playback, thermal temperature analysis and other functions

Video Wall

• Video wall includes LCD video wall, LED display and monitors
• M70 decodes the video signal and controls video walls