With the continuous advancement of technology and changes in consumer demand, the security camera market is facing diversified demands. After a series of innovations and research, Dahua Wireless series cameras not only achieve easy installation and operation but also excellent performance and cost-effectiveness. By adopting the latest wireless technology, users can easily install and use the camera without tedious cabling, achieving true wireless. In addition, the camera is equipped with auto-tracking, human detection, privacy mode, two-way talk, smart dual light, proactive deterrence, and other functions. These cameras are widely used in small and medium-sized scenarios such as small-sized retail stores.

The intelligent function of the wireless camera ensures the security and convenience of surveillance and provides users with more personalized services to meet their diversified needs and actual needs.
  • Hero Series

    Smart Shop Assistant

    Hero is an acronym for the House & Enterprise Remote Observer
    • 360° Monitoring Without Blind Spots
    • Traces the Path of the Target
    • Protects Your Privacy
    • Communication Anytime, Anywhere

  • Turret Series

    Witness & Secure Every Moment

    • Captures Full-color Details (-LED model)
    • Provides Traceable Audio Details (-LED model)
    • Multiple Night Vision Modes to Meet All Needs (-PV model)
    • Provides Instant Alarms to Deter Intruders (-PV model)
    • Focuses on Target, Saves Labor Costs

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  • Indoor Camera
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Hero Series
  • Turret Series
  • Dome Series


4MP Indoor Fixed-focal Wi-Fi Network PT Camera


2MP Indoor Fixed-focal Wi-Fi Network PT Camera


4MP Indoor Fixed-focal Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Network Camera


2MP Indoor Fixed-focal Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Network Camera