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Video Metadata

What is Video Metadata?

Metadata is "data that provides information about other data". In other words, it is “data about data. ”Metadata has various purposes. It helps users find relevant information and discover resources.

Dahua video metadata technology with deep learning algorithm based on video surveillance can detect, track, and capture images of human, vehicle and non-motor vehicle. It selects the best images and extracts attributes of targets to locate them immediately.


  • Multiple Attributes Analysis

    Extracts up to 30+ attributes of human, vehicle and non-motor vehicle in video, which can help pinpoint targets accurately.
  • Easy Configuration

    The administrator only needs to check the target type that he wants to detect and capture in the surveillance video.
  • Quick Target Search

    Offers AI search to locate specified targets using attributes of targets or human body images.
  • Efficient Arming

    Customizable settings for corresponding attributes, triggers alarm as soon as matching target appears

Typical Scenario

  • Sidewalk

    Using video metadata makes up for the lack of coverage of face and vehicle cameras, increases the integrity of pedestrian and vehicle evidences, and effectively improves the security personnel’s ability to detect cases.

  • City Road

    There are lots of traffic accidents on city roads everyday. The video metadata technology increases the efficiency of case investigation by providing additional details of the target vehicle. It can also obtain more vehicle attribute for further surveillance.