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Face Recognition

> Combines face detection, face image comparison, face image search, and database functionality
> Built-in MySQL database
> Detects faces in designated regions, tracks movement and draws a path, and saves the face image and the overall image that contains the face
> Search captured images according to time or location. Supports single or batch export
> Compare the captured face image with images registered in the database in real-time. Displays multiple personnel sorted by similarity with information such as alarm time, location, and similarity
> Search comparison results according to time or location. Supports single or batch export
> Detects faces within images and compare them with the face library. Engage in multi-person search and order by similarity. Supports single or batch export
> Dynamic comparison library supports up to 100,000 images
> Supports up to 4 channels of simultaneous 1080P detection and comparison (when using recommended server specifications or better)
> Check across the register library and search by personnel information. Results can be ordered by similarity. Supports single or batch export
> Supports register library add, delete, edit, search, and batch import and export.

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