Boat Detection

What is Thermal Imaging Boat Detection?

Visibility on the sea and rivers is often poor at night, making it difficult for authorities to get a clear image of the boat.Thermal imaging cameras have inherent advantages in such scenarios. Combined with Dahua's advanced AI capabilities, they can automatically detect and identify boats.


  • Multiple Data

    Dahua thermal camera can simultaneously detect multiple boat data, including height, length, speed, distance, etc.
  • Quick Alarm Prompt

    Once a boat enters the prohibited area, the system will automatically detect it and inform the management department of the alarm information.
  • All Weather

    Under a variety of complex environmental conditions, thermal imaging camera can still effectively detect boats.

Solutions and Products


·It can automatically identify the vessel, realize the management of the vessel, and effectively monitor the prohibited navigation area.

·It only receives infrared radiation, and is not affected by environmental factors.

Product selection

Typical Scenarios

  • Port

  • Riverway

  • Aquaculture farm

  • Offshore wind plant