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Innovative Technology | Reliable Quality | End-to-End Service


High-end Multiservice Routing Switches

> Using the Intelligent Resilient Framework 2 (IRF2) as the system foundation of the virtualization software system
> Supporting technologies required by cloud data centers, for example, TRILL, EVB, and FCoE
> Integrating multiple network services such as IPv6, network security, wireless control, and passive optical networks
> Providing multiple high availability technologies such as non-stop forwarding, non-stop upgrade, graceful restart, and ring network protection. This improves production efficiency of users and ensures a maximum normal operation time of the network, thereby lowering the total costs of ownership (TCOs) for customers

  • Thông số kỹ thuật
  • Phụ kiện
  • Tải về
  • Technical Specification



    Switching capacity

    15.36 Tbit/s or 25.6 Tbit/s

    IPv4 packet forwarding rate

    2880 Mpps/12000 Mpps

    Number of slots


    Number of service slots


    Redundancy design

    Redundancy of power sources and main control boards

    Layer-two features

    Supports the following Layer-two features:
    ●IEEE 802.1P (CoS priority)
    ●IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)
    ●802.1d (STP)/802.1w (RSTP)/802.1s (MSTP)
    ●IEEE 802.1ad (QinQ), flexible QinQ, and VLAN mapping
    ●IEEE 802.3x (full duplex flow control) and backpressure flow control (half duplex)
    ●IEEE 802.3ad (link aggregation) and cross-board link aggregation
    ●IEEE 802.3 (10Base-T)/802.3u (100Base-T)
    ●IEEE 802.3z (1000BASE-X)/802.3ab (1000BaseT)
    ●IEEE 802.3ae (10Gbase)
    ●Cross-board port/flow mirroring
    ●Suppression of port broadcast/multicast/unknown unicast storms
    ●Jumbo frames
    ●VLAN division based on ports, protocols, subnets, and MAC addresses
    ●Multicast VLAN+
    ●Point-to-point single-VLAN cross connection and dual-VLAN cross connection
    ●Forwarding dependent on VLAN IDs only, without MAC address learning
    ●Maximum VLAN mapping/Full support of VLAN mapping by flexible QinQ entries

    IPv4 routing

    Supports the following IPv4 routing features:
    ●ARP Proxy
    ●DHCP Relay
    ●DHCP Server
    ●Static routing
    ●OSPF/IS-IS/BGP GR (Graceful Restart)
    ●Equivalent routing
    ●Policy-based routing
    ●Routing policies

    IPv6 routing

    Supports the following IPv6 routing features:
    ●ICMPv6 redirection
    ●6to4 tunnels
    ●IPv6/IPv4 dual-protocol stack


    Supports the following multicast routing features:
    ●IGMPv1/v2/v3 Snooping
    ●IGMP Filter
    ●IGMP fast leave
    ●MLDv2/MLDv2 Snooping
    ●PIM-SMv6, PIM-DMv6, and PIM-SSMv6


    Supports the following ACL/QoS features:
    ●Standard and extended ACLs
    ●VLAN-based ACLs
    ●Ingress and egress ACLs
    ●Ingress and Egress CARs (with granularities reaching 8 Kbit/s)
    ●Two-level metering capability
    ●VLAN-based aggregated CAR, and MAC address–based CAR
    ●Traffic shaping
    ●802.1P/DSCP priority marking and remarking
    ●Hierarchical QoS (H-QoS)
    ●Three-level queue scheduling
    ●Queue scheduling mechanisms (SP, WRR, SP+WRR, and CBWFQ)
    ●Congestion avoidance mechanisms (including Tail- Drop and WRED)

    Security mechanism

    Supports the following system management
    ●FTP, TFTP, and Xmodem
    ●SNMP v1/v2/v3
    ●sFlow traffic statistics
    ●NTP clock
    ●NetStream traffic statistics function
    ●Smart power source management
    ●802.3az efficient energy-saving Ethernet
    ●Device online status monitoring mechanism, detecting key components such as main control engines, backplanes, chips, and storage components


    Supports the following reliability features:
    ●1+1 redundant backup of main control boards
    ●1+1 redundant backup of power sources
    ●Passive backup design
    ●Hot swap of all boards
    ●CPU protection
    ●Ethernet OAM (802.1ag)
    ●MAC Tracert
    ●RRPP and ERPS
    ●Graceful Restart for OSPF/BGP/IS-IS
    ●Hot patches

    Environment requirements

    ●Temperature range: 0ºC (32°F)–45ºC (113°F)
    ●Relative humidity: 10%–95% (non condensing)

    Security standards and EMC certification

    Passed CE, FCC PART 15, TUV-GS, UL-CUL, ICES003, and VCCI certification

    Power source

    DC:–48 V to–60V

    AC: 100 V to 290 V

    Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) (mm)

    436 x 575 x 420

    Weight (full configuration)

    ≤ 77 kg