Dahua Technology Contributes to Environmental Protection and Social Welfare


Hangzhou, China / December 28, 2021 - With two major goals of carbon peak (where carbon dioxide emission starts to shrink) and carbon neutrality claimed by China being enforced around the country, and the global consistency in protecting the earth environment, Dahua Technology, as a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, has integrated the social responsibility of sustainable development and green environment into its values.

In 2020, Dahua invested 835 million yuan in ecological projects. With continuous technology research and development, it has more than 9000 products certified as energy-saving with zero incidents of excessive emission and chemical leakage.

By customized comprehensive solutions, Dahua accomplished successful partnerships with many nature reserves and parks in upgrading their video-centric systems and management. For instance, Dahua built and deployed an integrated forest fire prevention project for Guantangyi Forest Farm in Hubei Province, China. Based on thermal imaging technology, the system provides 360° long-distance monitoring and uninterrupted 24/7 protection, guarding the vast forests.

Dahua also established a 5G digital monitoring system to help Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve monitor 62 species of wildlife, which provided accurate observation and research assessment of wildlife, ecological types and biodiversity in the reserve, therefore helping protect the species living in the area and its ecological balance. In this case, the intelligent system is able to calculate animal population, analyze their activity patterns, understand their living habits, and detect illegal activities in the reserve such as poaching, illegal logging, and overgrazing.

In Schwarze Berge (Black Mountains) Wildlife Park, located in Rosengarten, Germany, over 100 kinds of native species are also well protected through the camera system from Dahua Technology. A full series of innovative cameras equipped with key technologies such as full-color and thermal imaging are adopted.

Besides, Dahua Technology takes the initiative to participate in the protection of rivers, lakes and other bodies of water using intelligent technology as well. To protect the environment of the Yangtze basin, the main part of the Yangtze River and support the fishing ban, Dahua Technology uses a three-dimensional perception system of “air, land and water” deploying AI image recognition systems to capture relevant events in real-time. This technology builds on years of Dahua experience running ecosystem protection systems along major rivers, using video IoT, artificial intelligence, and data fusion to support water area governance.

In addition to environment and species protection, Dahua Technology has also devoted itself to public welfare. The "Lighting the Future" charity program launched in 2015 aims to support children suffering from illness and poverty and to help the children complete their studies through donated supplies and funds, lighting their way to a brighter future. With a project called "Love 1+1" Clothing Donation started in 2014, Dahua has donated more than 7,000 pieces of clothing to children located in China’s underdeveloped mountainous areas, warming them with comfort and love. In September this year, Dahua employees donated 475 pieces of clothing and over 200 books in a 2-day charity event.

With its commitment to supporting the local communities, Dahua Technology UK and Ireland has made two seasonal donations to children’s charities. Two charities are selected by the top Key Integrators Partners of Dahua together. The UK charity Action for Children, which provides practical and emotional care for children, received £1,000, while the Irish Youth Foundation that helps disadvantaged young Irish people and their families, received a 1,000 donation.

Many employees in Dahua have taken active part in public welfares and have been encouraged to deliver warmth to the ones needing help, which has become a significant corporate culture embedded in the heart of every employee. In July, Dahua launched the “Pass on the light of life with love” blood donation activity. More than 500 employees signed up for this heart-warming action. In October, Dahua held a special 5-kilometer running competition where employees partnered with visually impaired and deaf & hard-of-hearing runners. It aims to help people with disabilities actively participate in sports and create an atmosphere for all to welcome the 19th Asian Games in 2022.

Dahua always adheres to the mission of enabling a safer society and smarter living. It also has a strong awareness of corporate social responsibility, which has been increasing along with its rapid growth. It will continue to play an important role in assisting in solving issues such as environment and wildlife protection and helping the relatively low-income families and children in underdeveloped areas in the future.

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