Dahua WizSense: A Smarter Way to Ease your Security Operation

HANGZHOU, China /February 20, 2020 Similar to the famous saying of Georges Clemenceau (“Father Victory”) that ”War is too serious a business to be left to generals”, the security matter nowadays is too serious to be entrusted to security guards, police or any personnel alone. The complexity of situations is well beyond the capacity of human eyes and brain, making modern technologies like AI suitable to play an essential role in the field work. As is seen in the recent case of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) for example, thermal imaging technology is widely used in transportation hubs across China to detect possible carriers of the virus in a crowd with an accuracy of±0.3℃. AI technology will be used after to trace back their routes and locate the people they had close contact with, who will then be quarantined for at least 14 days to see if they have been infected.

The necessity of AI in security industry is also testified by the numbers that reflect people’s high expectation. According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, AI-powered Video Analytics Market is projected to register a CAGR of 41.76% during the period 2018-2022.

To accelerate AI adoption, Dahua Technology - a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider - is proud to release WizSense, a series of AI products and complete end-to-end solutions based on deep learning that focuses on human and vehicle, providing intelligence, simplicity and inclusivity to users.

With easy configuration and reasonable price, WizSense is competent enough to meet the needs of most ordinary users. Its benefits include: accurate prediction before an event; instant deterrence during an event; quick target search after an event; storage saving while ensuring target details, and privacy protection and defense against attacks.

While offering abundant functionalities, WizSense also ensures high-level of cyber security using encryption algorithms that are certified by TÜV Rheinland and UL (Underwriters Laboratories). Users can rest assured that their privacy will be properly protected using WizSense series products.

WizSense provides users with comprehensive protection as well as personal options to satisfy more diversified needs. Join us in the hypothetical journey of Gary, who is in his 40s, married and owner of a factory, to see the difference WizSense can make in daily life.

Gary without WizSense

Gary left his factory to pick up his wife Jennifer’s birthday present - a bracelet - which he ordered weeks ago from her favorite luxury shop.

On the road, Gary still couldn’t help but worry about the factory, a place he dedicated 15 years of hard work to build and vulnerable to theft and malicious destruction. The security team he hired to do 24/7 patrol was not able to prevent the occurrence of 2 thefts and 1 incident of malicious destruction of equipment in the past 6 months. The conventional security system bothered him with too many false alarms and the recorded material cost him long hours to find the crucial information afterwards. Gary grew tired just thinking about that.

Gary stepped into the luxury shop, unnoticed by shop assistants. They most likely would not recognize Gary anyway, as the man who ordered a bracelet as his wife’s birthday present several weeks ago. After lengthy procedures, Gary managed to get the bracelet in the end but the feelings of being neglected lingered on.

Gary’s mood got worse after he found out that his car was ticketed. How could he know? How could anyone know?

Gary went home and gave the bracelet to Jennifer. They kissed, had a romantic candle light dinner and sunk into the couch for a good old movie. It could have been a perfect night if it was not interrupted over and over by false alarms triggered by leaves and their neighbor’s dog. Gary finally learned to ignore all alarms, only to find the Goblin in his yard stolen the next morning. Finding what happened from long hours of video was overwhelming.

“If only the security systems were smarter!” Gary sighed.

Gary with WizSense

Gary left his factory to pick up his wife Jennifer’s birthday present - a bracelet - which he ordered weeks ago from her favorite luxury shop.

On the road, Gary was humming a song without thinking about the factory at all. Everything is being taken care of by WizSense, an AI-powered security solution that focus on real threats – human and vehicles, filtering out all false alarms triggered by raindrops, leaves, pets, insects and light. Everything is recorded in detail and easily retrievable according to required features, such as face, clothes and plate numbers. In the past six months, no theft or malicious destruction took place since they were stopped during or before the crime. What made Gary even happier was that he needed only two security guards instead of a whole patrol team.

Gary pulled over outside the luxury shop and before he stepped out of the car he was warned by an AI-powered active deterrence camera that told him to park somewhere else. Gary moved his car and was saved from getting parking ticket.

Gary’s identity as a VIP customer was sent to shop assistants as soon as his face was detected outside the door, thanks to the AI-powered camera of the luxury shop. Shop assistants went out to greet Gary and led him to the VIP waiting room where his favorite tea and snacks were prepared. Gary felt it was worth it to become a VIP member and thought about recommending it to his friends.

Gary went home and gave the bracelet to Jennifer. They kissed and had a romantic candle light dinner and sunk into the couch for a good old movie. It was a perfect night without any annoying false alarms, since WizSense had already filtered out leaves and their neighbor’s dog as non-threats. The alarm was actually triggered once and before Gary went out to take a look, the thief was already warned off and the yard remained intact. Gary was not haunted by any suspicion since he knew everything was clearly recorded and easily traceable if he wanted to find out who tried to break in. Detailed features of the suspect’s face, clothes and plate numbers could be presented to the police as crucial evidence in no time.

“Lucky I had this smart security system!” Gary smiled.

This story illustrates that a smart security system will benefit not only Gary but all parties, be it private users, business owners or public sectors. Better results are archived with less cost in terms of labor that is relatively high in some parts of the world, and offers significantly less retrieval time after an event. This is what makes WizSense an ideal product pack for distributors and resellers. The wider deployment of WizSense is exactly what Dahua Technology has always dreamed: To Enable a Safer Society and Smarter Living.

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