WHO COVID-19 Online Conference Adopts Dahua Video Conferencing System


Hangzhou, China / April 1, 2020Recently, an online conference entitled "Briefing on China’s Experience on COVID-19 Response" was hosted remotely by the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China and the World Health Organization. Representatives of relevant embassies and international organizations in China attended the meeting in Beijing, while the representatives of WHO Western Pacific Region participated in the conference remotely through video.

Photo source: news media

At the meeting, the Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus sent his greetings via video. At the parallel session of Hubei province, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China shared China's experience on pandemic intervention. At the same time, health committees of Shanghai, Hubei, Guangdong, and Sichuan provinces also shared their local experiences and cases on pandemic prevention respectively through live streaming.

The “5G + 4K” video conferencing system is jointly developed by Dahua Technology and China Telecom to achieve real-time audio and video interaction at the "1 + 4" venue, providing technical support and security for this conference. The fast network capabilities of 4K HD video connections enabled by 5G broadband technology can achieve real-time sharing of images from each site. It can also realize low-latency synchronization of audio and video throughout the whole process without interruptions, as well as real-time file transfer and sharing. The entire video conference achieved "ultra-high definition, low latency, and zero failure", which made the communication regarding pandemic prevention and control more efficient and convenient, and transmitted the voice of China to the world without any interference.

During the pandemic prevention and control in China, Dahua Technology and China Telecom worked closely together, utilizing each other’s capabilities in video conferencing technology and mobile Internet service to provide online zero-distance video communication services to many health and medical committees, governments, emergency command departments, hospitals, educational institutions, and businesses. This initiative aids pandemic prevention and control, and production resumption in the country.

With self-developed intelligent conferencing equipment such as conferencing endpoints, interactive whiteboards, and 4K video conferencing cameras, Dahua Technology’s video conferencing services take audio and video technology as its core, and security and reliability as its foundation. Combined with AI algorithms, deeply integrated 5G services and IoT technology, and with the help of advanced cloud applications, it creates a fully reliable, available, easy and real-time immersive video conference experience, assisting users in achieving efficient communication and professional collaboration without leaving home, and realizing zero-distance communication and collaboration.

Dahua video conferencing system integrates video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, paperless systems, etc., through a cloud-based conferencing and collaboration platform. It integrates AI technologies, such as face and voice recognition, to carry out multi-party conference collaboration and innovate video conferencing industry applications. Its 4K + H.265 ultra high-definition video quality and OPUS audio adaptive coding support audio and video synchronization in the conference room. With strong network adaption, higher tolerance for network delay in different environments, and resistance to 800ms network jitter delay, etc., it provides a full-process solution incorporating short preparation before the meeting, high efficiency during the meeting, and quick briefing after the meeting.

Public health security is a serious challenge around the world today, prompting collaborations of international communities. To assist in the pandemic prevention and control, Dahua Technology has been standing at the frontline since the beginning of the outbreak. To address the necessity of an effective video conference system, Dahua developed an online, touchless, efficient, convenient and remote video communication platform for emergency command and response, remote consultation, cloud education, remote working, and many other scenarios, aiding the prevention and control of the pandemic and smooth work resumption to ensure the normal operation of the society.

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