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WizMind Series

Launched by Dahua Technology, Dahua WizMind is a wide range of project-oriented products that adopt industry-leading deep learning algorithms, such as IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, thermal camera and software platform. Focusing on customers’ needs, WizMind provides precise and reliable and comprehensive AI products for verticals.
Precise: Powered by AI chip and deep learning algorithms, WizMind delivers accurate detection and recognition of human and vehicle, enabling users to rapidly and precisely act on what really matters. In addition, it provides accurate and effective AI search to locate targets, and various human-based data for business analysis.
Reliable: Strict component selection to ensure the high product reliability. With thorough testing of front-end cameras, back-end device and platform, WizMind injects reliability into all of its solutions.
Comprehensive: Focusing on human and vehicle, WizMind provides various applications solutions such as face recognition, privacy protection, video metadata, stereo analysis, ANPR, illegal parking, etc. Moreover, WizMind combines deep learning algorithm with thermal imaging technology to help users achieve ultra-long distance monitoring in harsh environments, highly accurate non-contact temperature measurement with only ±0.3℃ temperature difference, and early detection of fire.

  • Panoramic Series
  • 8 Series
  • 7 Series
  • 5 Series
  • Special Series
  • Multi-Sensor
  • Fisheye


4x8MP WizMind Multi-Sensor Panoramic Bullet Network Camera


4x2MP Multi-Sensor Panoramic + PTZ WizMind Network Camera


8×2MP Multi-Sensor Panoramic + PTZ WizMind Network Camera


4×4MP Multi-Sensor Panoramic + PTZ WizMind Network Camera


6×4MP Multi-Sensor Panoramic + PTZ WizMind Network Camera


8x2MP Multi-Sensor Panoramic + PTZ WizMind Network Camera


4×5MP WizMind Multi-Sensor No-Splicing Panoramic Dome Network Camera


4x4MP WizMind Multi-Sensor Splicing Panoramic Bullet Network Camera


2 × 4 MP Dual-Directional No-Splicing WizMind Network Camera


4x2MP WizMind Multi-Sensor Panoramic Dome Network Camera