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In order to support the smooth resumption of businesses, Dahua launched its SMB Resumption of work - Office Block Solution.
This solution offers temperature monitoring, built-in face mask detection and social distancing reminder, which can help ensure a safe office block environment for employees during this special period.

Business Process

Pain Points:

  • • Using clinical thermometer is inefficient
  • • How to keep a healthy social distance
  • • Inconvenient access
  • • Not wearing masks

Business Requirements:

  • • Safe and efficient temperature monitoring
  • • Automatic social distancing reminder
  • • Face recognition access control with temperature monitoring
  • • Face mask detection

Office Block Entrance

Access Control Temp. Monitoring & Face Mask Detection

  • Standalone For Barrier

  • Normal

  • Abnormal

Office Entrance

  • Wall-Mount

  • Standing Bracket
    For Standalone

  • Normal

  • Abnormal

Public Area

Social Distancing Reminder

  • Social Distance Detection Camera

  • Siren (optional)

Monitoring Center

  • DSS Express

  • NVR


High Efficiency:

  • • Fast access to prevent congestion, with face recognition speed of 0.2s per face.
  • • Face recognition is integrated with body temperature monitoring.

High Accuracy:

  • • Features face mask detection for intelligent control with face mask detection rate of >95%.

High Security:

  • • Offers safe, efficient non-contact temperature monitoring.
  • • Adopts deep learning algorithm to realize social distance detection.

Solution Design

Core Products

  • ASI7213X-T1 + ASF172X-T1
  • ASI7223X-A-T1
  • IPC-HDW8341X -BV-3D
  • ASI7213X-T1
  • ASGB810X
  • NVR5208-4KS2
  • DSS Express