There is a corresponding relationship between radiation energy and temperature. The different gray values can be used to represent difference in temperature in order to achieve an effective temperature measurement function. Dahua Wizmind thermography camera provides an online temperature measurement method that can be used in various industries, greatly save labor cost and increase the inspection efficiency.
• Online Temperature Measurement: Thermal imaging camera can realize all-weather online temperature measurement, it can detect device temperature and find overheat problem in real-time.
• High Precision PT Unit: Featured with closed-loop control, the mini Pan & Tilt camera can automatically adjust position in real time which offers high precision after long time running, suitable for multi scene inspection.
• Data Analysis: The can automatically store temperature data, which is convenient to trace the changes of historical tendency. Working with specific NVR, the excel file can be exported for further analysis.
• Inspection Process: Working with the DSS Pro platform, users can set inspection process to check the status of key devices automatically.


Thermal Network Mini Hybrid Pan & Tilt Camera


Thermal Network Mobile Hybrid Pan & Tilt Camera