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Privacy Protection

What is Privacy Protection?

The European parliament passed the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in 2016, and it was implemented in all EU states in 2018.The rules apply to a wide range of organizations that collect, transmit, retain or process personal information in all EU member states. The European Data Protection Agencies (DPA) classifies video surveillance that involves monitoring of public areas on a large scale as a ‘high-risk processing operation’.

In order to comply with GDPR and achieve effective video surveillance functions, Dahua has developed its Privacy Protection Solution.

The Privacy protection solution, through the network camera equipped with deep learning algorithm, can effectively identify human face or human body in monitoring image, and apply mosaic mask on the targets in real time to protect their privacy. In case of incidents or other security needs, the authorized administrator can recover the original video for further investigation.


  • Face Privacy Protection

    Supports real-time mosaic of human face to protect personal privacy.
  • Body Privacy Protection

    Supports real-time mosaic of human body to protect personal privacy.
  • Video Recovery

    The privacy protection system allows users to access recoverable video without the mosaic mask. It can be used as legal evidence in case of an event.
  • Attributes Analysis

    Alongside privacy protection, users can also use face and human attributes for business analysis .

Typical Scenario

  • Courtroom

    The witnesses who testify in the witness room are automatically masked with real-time mosaic to protect their privacy and security, thus saving the administrator's time from mosaicing mask on the image manually.

  • Smart Retail

    Helps retailers protect consumers’ portrait data. Helps retailers to legitimately optimize their business through BI to provide customers with more appropriate products.