HDCVI TEN Year Anniversary Launch

Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2022
UTC +8, Beijing Time 17:00 (CST)


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Year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Dahua’s independently developed HDCVI technology. With its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living“, Dahua, over the past decade, has been continuously active in providing more opportunities to customers and improving its services with innovations and technological advancements. This year, Dahua unveils its brand new HDCVI TEN that features AI-for-all, Scheduled AI, Smart Dual Illuminators and Real 5MP 16:9 technologies, blazing a trail to the over-coax AI era.

HDCVI Technology Development

Core Technologies

• AI-for-all

AI-for-all not only means AI can be realized on all XVR models; it also means Dahua allows everyone to avail and use AI with its affordable price and user-friendly design.
Dahua released the Cooper-I series in 2021, proving that even entry-level XVR deserves AI and upgrading the entire XVR series with AI features. In addition, its excellent cost efficiency and ease of use greatly reduce the barriers in using AI, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of AI functions. Adopting independently developed AI chip and advanced deep-learning algorithm. HDCVI enables precise recognition of human and vehicle for accurate alarm and quick target search, making it easy for users to focus on real threats, enhancing video analysis efficiency, and significantly reducing labor costs.

SMD Plus
SMD Plus, short for Smart Motion Detection Plus, can recognize human and vehicle shapes based on motion detection to reduce false alarms. And it enables quick target search. Users can freely choose the target type, significantly improving search efficiency.

AI Coding
AI Coding emphasizes humans and vehicles while encoding, protecting the target image quality while saving 50% bandwidth and storage costs compared with standard H.265. Unlike H.265+, which adopts Variable Bit Rate (VBR), AI Coding uses Constant Bit Rate (CBR), which has a relatively steady stream, making it easy to deploy bandwidth and improve bandwidth utilization

• Scheduled AI

In the past, only one AI function can be enabled per channel. Users need to manually configure the system to switch to another function. Now, the AI functions can be set according to different time period, which greatly improves the configuration efficiency and suits more application scenarios such as villa, retail store, public swimming pool, etc.

• Smart Dual Illuminators

The industry-leading Smart Dual Illuminators technology can flexibly switch between IR mode and white light mode. When the Smart Illumination Mode (default mode) is enabled, the supplementary white light will only turn on when the target is detected by the SMD Plus/Perimeter Protection function of AI-enabled XVR. It can significantly help reduce light pollution during night time. Together with other modes including IR Mode and White Light Mode, the smart dual illumination technology can meet various scene requirements of customers.

Real 5MP

HDCVI Real 5MP camera is the industry’s first 5MP camera with 16:9 video output, it can better fit common HD displays and achieve undistorted image performance. Real 5MP camera supports 5MP real-time transmission, bringing users the far better clarity and clearer details while also offering a more fluent visual experience. The Starlight features of Real 5MP camera provides users with bright and clear images even at night.

Application Scenarios

SMD Plus + TiOC Application - Store

Pain Points:

Most crimes happen during non-business hours when the monitored site is lacking security guards. Users may fail to take action in time and suffer property loss in case of an event.


When an intrusion happened in the monitored scene, the SMD Plus feature can accurately identify real targets, and the TiOC camera warns off the intruder with red & blue light and siren (110dB). The full-color image provides more useful human/vehicle evidence for future analysis.

Scheduled AI Application – Villa

Pain Points:

A neighbor’s car is parked in front of the garage door when the home owner arrived. He cannot park his car and needed to call the owner of the car to move it out of his property. He needs an effective method to deter his neighbor from parking in front of his house. What’s more, his villa is unguarded at night, and requires stricter security system.


During day time, when the owner is not at home, the Perimeter Protection function can be used. He can draw a detection rule on the scene and warn off the intruding car with an audio warning “Private Property. No parking here!”. At night, the XVR automatically switches to SMD Plus function, and prompts audio warning “Private land no entry!” if an intruder is detected.

Smart Dual Illuminators Application - Park

Pain Points:

At night, some application scenarios cannot visibly recognize people and vehicles due to lack of sufficient light, such as courtyards, parks, etc. White light is used to capture target’s details in these scenarios. However, constant usage of supplementary white light can contribute to the light pollution in the monitored area.


There are normally no people or vehicles in parks or other similar scenarios late at night. During this idle time, the white light can be turned off, and will only turn back on when the AI-enabled XVR detects a target in the rule area. When the target leaves the rule area, the white light will turn off and the IR illuminator will turn back on, which can significantly help reduce light pollution while ensuring effective monitoring at night.

Real 5MP 16:9 Application – Casino

Pain Points:

In critical areas with large crowd of people and busy on-going activities, it is of utmost importance to catch every detail in real time to prevent unwanted behaviors and retain unquestionable visual evidence.


In monitoring scenes like casinos where stakes are high, the 5MP camera captures images with ultra-high definition and 16:9 aspect ratio to provide clear tiny details and real-time video output that presents fluent visual experience, effectively restoring the monitored scene.