Dahua Technology upgraded the security system for 5-star Divan Hotel in Iraq


The Divan Hotel is a famous five-star hotel located in Erbil, Iraq. It keeps attracting tourists from all over the world with its innovative style, state-of-the-art luxury and high-standard services. To ensure a secure trip for customers, the hotel found the urgent need to upgrade its security system which had been out of date. Dahua Technology, as a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, helped the hotel improve its security system and customer experience.


The old cameras in the Divan Hotel had unclear images with poor definition, especially in low-light conditions, while AI functions were absent. Moreover, the original ANPR cameras for the street were unable to read complete license plate numbers at night. The old Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) had stopped working. In important places, there was no access control system for the staff or special personnel.

Therefore, removing these security vulnerabilities became one of the priorities for the Divan Hotel.


Dahua's customized security solutions have a great reputation for excellent performance and stability. The new security system provided to the Divan Hotel includes multiple advanced technologies such as Full-color, Dahua Security Software Pro (DSS Pro), ANPR, WizSense, Access control, Smart Motion Detection, etc.

Products including WizSense cameras, Full-color cameras, and access controllers were installed for better security operation and management. With upgraded H.265 encoding technology, Dahua 4MP Lite Full-color Fixed-focal Bullet Network Camera has efficient video encoding capacity, which saves bandwidth and storage space. This camera adopts the latest starlight technology and displays better color image in the condition of low illumination. It supports SD card storage, dust-proof function, waterproof function and vandal-proof function, complying with the standards of IP67 (Supported by some select models). The 4MP IR Fixed focal Dome WizSense Network Camera with advanced deep learning algorithm supports intelligent functions, such as perimeter protection and smart motion detection.

The system also applied 24-HDD Enterprise Video Storage (EVS), Four Door Two Way Access Controller, RFID Reader, and Ultra-HD Network Video Decoder (NVD). The EVS is ideal for hotel resorts that demand expansion flexibility, high reliability and centralized storage management. It is compatible with numerous third-party devices making it the perfect solution for surveillance systems with or without a Video Management System (VMS). Its open architecture supports multi-user access and is compatible with ONVIF 2.4. The NVD with ultra-high decoding ability has a plug-in board design, which makes it easy to use and maintain.


With the new security system from Dahua, the Divan Hotel freed its security team from false alarms. They could focus on key tasks and react rapidly to timely notifications of unauthorized entrances of people and vehicles into the hotel and other emergencies. The access control system prevented unauthorized visitors in restricted areas, while AI-powered cameras protected the whole resort day and night.

The Divan Hotel has spoken highly of Dahua's solution. The feedback said that no problem has ever occurred after the upgrade, thanks to the stability of the system, quick support from Dahua team, and the integrated software for both access control system and CCTV cameras.