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Dahua Ensures the Safety of Italian Motorsports Park


HANGZHOU, CHINA/November 21, 2013 — Modena, known as "the capital of engines", is an ancient town in Italy. It is the heaven for racing enthusiasts since a lot of factories of the famous Italian sports car makers like Ferrari, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, Pagani and Maserati are now or once located here.

Autodrome di Modena is a Motorsports Park and located in a famous area called “Motor Valley”. It is an amazing place for motorsports enthusiasts, not only offering facilities, high speed cars, but also professional instructors who come from the real race world to give driving training. The circuit length of the park reaches 2.7 Km. and the pit lane is with 21 boxes, new telemetric system and a well equipped paddock.

Both of the well-knowing high risks of racing and its open outdoor environment pile up the difficulty and complexity for Autodrome di Modena in terms of security. During the design phase, two requirements were on the table, one was for the sake of security control, the other one was to offer checking on the racing of cars & motorbikes.

Meanwhile, the structure of the circuit was taken into account; the decision then was to install 24 network megapixel cameras in the most important position of the track and also some speed domes in the open areas. The finally applied camera models include Dahua 2-megapixel full HD network cameras(IPC-HF3200) & speed dome cameras(SD6982A-HN), the storage device is Dahua 128 Channel Super NVR.

With Dahua VMS, this set safeguards the venue with superb image quality with every detail captured, along with flexible and convenient management; most of all, the open architecture of super NVR makes it possible for a further implementation in the long run.

“By this project, it proves that Dahua’s solution can cater to customer’s requirements,” said Pasquale Totaro, the CEO of Videotrend, Dahua’s local distributor in Italy. “It is very important to offer affordability of the products proposed. Meanwhile, customers always ask warranty. At this point, the consolidation in partnership with Dahua allows us to achieve the goal and to stay ahead in the market.”

“Car racing is kind of the cultural icon of Italy, we feel quite honored that our solution and products could be part of this project,” said Elmer Zhang, Sales Director for Europe at Dahua Technology.

“As we known, racing also stands for thrill and passion, the reliable products we provide could help to make the thrill more guaranteed, and like our local dealer said, we do hope this pleasant cooperation could be a wonderful start for more similar cases in the near future,” Zhang added.