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Loop Detector

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  • Parameter/Model ITACD-006B
    Main Processor ATMEL ATMEGA series high performance MCU
    Coprocessor ALTERA MAXII series high performance CPLD
    Vehicle Detection When a vehicle passes coil detection zone, it detects traveling condition of the vehicle. Support up to 6 coil simultaneous detection.
    Parameter Setup May dial-up switch to set parameters of vehicle detector.
    Status Display May via indicator, to display status of vehicle detector parameters.
    Communication Port One RS485 port
    Trigger Signal Output Each coil detects corresponding channel’s signal output. Output signal high/low level (to be customized) and trigger method are optional. User can select to use RS485 COM method to output trigger signal.
    Fault Signal Output When coil has fault or circuit is open, device will output fault signal.
    Coil Input May simultaneously connect to 6-ch coil inputs.
    Indicator Power indicator, each coil corresponds to a detection indicator and a fault indicator.
    Dial Switch Three 8-bit dial switches, Three 4-bit dial switches
    Capture Rate ≥99.9%
    Auto Tuning Vehicle detector supports auto-tuning
    Base Frequency Auto Refresh When no vehicle pass coil, vehicle detector can auto refresh base frequency. Automatically compensate for the effects of climate, 40 ℃ maximum per hour. That is not a transient ambient temperature should be within an hour 40 ℃.
    AB Logic Detection Product supports AB logic detection function
    Response Time Response time<20ms
    Oscillation Frequency Oscillation frequency may be adjusted, internal support 16 statuses for selection.
    Sensitivity Adjustable Each channel’s sensitivity can be adjusted within 8 levels.
    Existence Time Adjustable Each channel’s existence time can be separately adjusted within two levels as 30s and 60s.
    Button One reset button.
    Power Input DC12V±10% with overvoltage, over current, reverse polarity protection, can safely and stably support power for the device.
    Port Protection Corresponding output port all have over current protection
    Consumption <2W
    Working Environment Working temperature -30℃~+70℃, working humidity 10%~90%
    Dimension independent box 191.5mm*148.0mm*38.0mm
    Unit Weight <1Kg