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Intelligent Perimeter Protection

Thermal Image and Human Body Detection

• Thermal imaging is visible both day and night
• Support human body detection and intrusion alarm
• Support alarm linkage with PTZ camera

Radar Detection and Smart Tracking

• Radar detects people who enter the surveillance area
• Track every person in the surveillance area and show the path in the VMS software
• Make linkage with PTZ and do auto-tracking surveillance

Intelligent Entrance Control for Vehicles

No Ticket No Stop

• For efficiency, vehicle entrance is controlled by LPR. Without any tickets, improve traffic flow with no delays

Two Trigger Ways

• Supports induct loop trigger and video trigger, simplify construction

Info Screen

• Information screen will show some notification messages

Abnormal Holding

• Press VTO button once needed

Under Vehicle Scanning System

UVSS Work Flow

• Loop sensor detects the vehicle coming into the scan area and triggers UVSS scan module
• The UVSS scan module grabs the image of under vehicle chassis
• The client presents the stitched image of full chassis, and checks if there is any abnormality

Entrance Control for Vehicle Topology

Fire Detection with Thermal Camera

Smarter Protection from High Point

• Thermal network hybrid PTZ camera supports large area surveillance
• Fire detection alarm distance up to 6000m
• visible channel for checking details

Production Area Surveillance

Explosion-proof Surveillance for Production Area

• The production area with oil transmission management equipment is at risk of explosion.
• Explosion-proof PTZ camera monitors the whole area and is safe to the special environment.