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Automatic Hydraulic Bollard

> Motor hydraulic Integrated drive.

> Professional protection, sturdy structure contributes to excellent anti-collision performance.

> Equipped with surround LED warning lights and 5cm width reflective film.

> Up/down reminder: the indicator light flashes during lifting, the light goes off when retracting to the bottom, and goes solid when lifting to the top.

> In case of power failure, operate the emergency button of the storage battery in the bollard controller to achieve bollard emergency retracting.

> 220 VAC/50–60 Hz safe and reliable power supply, which is only connected in the lifting process.

> 4S Rapid lifting.

> Supports IP68, normal lifting and retracting even in rainy and snowy days.

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  • General

    Cylinder Material

    304 stainless steel

    Cylinder Diameter

    Φ219 mm(±1 mm)(8.62"(±0.04"))

    Cylinder Thickness

    6 mm


    8 mm


    10 mm


    12 mm


    Foundation Box

    Overall electrophoresis + plastic spraying treatment, anti-corrosion and rust prevention

    Bollard Running Time

    4 s for lifting and 2.8 s for retracting.

    Lifting Weight

    Max 150 kg (330.69 lb)

    Load Bearing

    50 T cargo truck

    Warning Equipment

    Surrounded LED warning light + 5 cm reflective film


    Motor hydraulic integrated drive

    Hydraulic Fluid

    10# Aviation hydraulic fluid


    Up&Down Control

    Control the bollard up and down through bollard controller.

    Warning Equipment

    Standard surrounded LED warning light and 5 cm reflective film.

    Up&Down Warning

    The indicator light flashes during lifting, and goes off when retracting to the bottom while goes solid when lifting to the top.

    Emergency Control

    Built-in storage battery of the matched bollard controller supports manual button control, which can control the cylinder down in the case of power failure.


    Power cord

    1 × 3-core wire

    Power cord of LED Light

    1 × 2-core wire

    Control Cable of Solenoid Valve

    1 × 2-core wire


    Operating Voltage

    220 VAC±10%/50–60 Hz

    Operating Power Consumption/ Instant Start Power Consumption

    350 W/1100 W

    Operating Temperature

    30°C to 55°C (Under 0°C, it's a normal phenomenon that bollard lifts or descends asynchronously. )

    Lifting Height

    600 mm (23.62")

    Product Weight

    90.5 kg

    (199.51 lb)

    97.5 kg

    (214.95 lb)

    104.5 kg

    (230.38 lb)

    112.5 kg

    (248.02 lb)

    Packaging Weight

    107 kg

    (235.89 lb)

    112 kg

    (246.92 lb)

    118 kg

    (260.15 lb)

    126 kg

    (277.78 lb)

    Ingress Protection


    Corrosion Category


    Packaging Dimensions

    420 mm × 420 mm × 1260 mm (16.54" × 16.54"× 49.61")

    Product Dimensions

    Φ379 mm × 1120 mm (14.92"× 44.09")