The Dahua HDCVI technology has been leading the HD-over-Coax industry’s development since its first launch in 2012. With its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua has been continuously active in providing more opportunities to customers as well as improving its services with innovations and technological advancements. In 2019, Dahua unveils a brand new HDCVI 6.0 technology with core values including 4K Real-time, Enhanced AI, AI Coding and Two-way talk, achieving “clarity, abundance, and understanding” in monitoring.

Core Technologies

• 4K Real-time

Dahua self-developed chipset realizes industry-leading 4K real-time over-coax transmission. 4K@25/30fps camera video output better restores the monitoring scene with superior clarity and fluent visual experience. Double frame rates (30fps =2x15fps) bring doubled information.
As the very first technology to bring 4K Real-time to the HD-over-Coax market, HDCVI comes with a complete product portfolio. 4K real-time camera offers various bullet/eyeball cases and optional models with built-in mic. 4K/4K-N real-time XVRs support AI functions for accurate alarm. In addition, the 4K real-time camera supports self-adaptive video output frame rate to adapt both new and previous 4K XVRs, protecting users’ investment.

• Enhanced AI

Adopting independent AI chip and advanced deep-learning algorithm, HDCVI 6.0 enables precise recognition of human and vehicle for accurate alarm and quick target search, making it easy for users to focus on real threats, enhancing video analysis efficiency, and thus significantly reducing labor costs. HDCVI 6.0 Enhanced AI guarantees alarm accuracy, with false alarm rate below 2%. HDCVI 6.0 also supports AI functions including SMD Plus, Perimeter Protection, Face Recognition and Metadata Search.

SMD Plus
SMD Plus, also referred to as Smart Motion Detection Plus, can recognize human and vehicle shapes based on motion detection in order to reduce false alarms. Quick search with options for human and vehicle trigger types further improves searching efficiency. The Dahua SMD Plus empowers all channels on XVR with AI functions. Users can enable this feature with just a simple click. No extra configuration is required.
*For more information about HDCVI 6.0-Enhanced AI, Please refer to WizSense & WizMind.

• AI Coding

As video moves toward high definition, video encoding formats have also developed from MJPEG, H.264, and H.265, which can save more storage space but in expense of image quality loss. The HDCVI 6.0 AI coding puts emphasis on human and vehicle while encoding, which guarantees the image quality of the target. It can also further compress the bit rate when no real target has been detected to save storage cost. With the same image quality, AI coding based on CBR only needs 50% of bandwidth and storage costs compared with H.265.

• Two-way Talk

HDCVI Two-way Talk is a unique and leading technology in HD-over-Coax industry. It realizes intercommunication between the monitoring center and the monitored site in the video surveillance system. It is able to deliver vocal info instantly and receive feedback at the same time. Also, the recording contains audio evidence from both sides. HDCVI supports broadcast-quality audio, with more than 20dB SNR and 5 meter audio collection range.

Application Scenario

4K Real-time Application – Casino

Pain Points:

In critical areas with large crowd of people and busy on-going activities, it is of utmost importance to catch every detail in real time to prevent unwanted behaviors and retain unquestionable visual evidence.


4K Real-time AI XVR + 4K Real-time HDCVI Camera In monitoring scenes like casinos where stakes are high, the 4K camera captures images with ultra-high definition to provide clear tiny details and real-time video output that presents fluent visual experience, effectively restoring the monitored scene.

SMD Plus Application - Store

Pain Points:

Most crimes happen during non-business hours when the monitored site is lacking security guards. Users may fail to take action in time and suffer property loss in case of an event.


AI XVR (SMD Plus Feature) + Active Deterrence Camera When a person or vehicle intrudes the monitored scene, the SMD Plus feature identifies potential risk and sends alarm to the user immediately. At the same time, the active deterrence camera warns off the intruder with strong white light and siren (110dB).

Metadata Search Application - Street

Pain Points:

Searching for a target in massive recordings costs large amount of time and labor. The accuracy of restoring a target greatly relies on the clarity of the image, especially the clarity of details.


AI XVR (Metadata Search Feature) + Full-color Camera With Full-color HDCVI camera, restoring targets is easier and more accurate, especially their color details. Its Metadata Search function retrieves human/vehicle targets using attributes, such as hair and clothes color, vehicle color or car plate. This significantly enhances search accuracy and efficiency.

Two-way Talk Application - Warehouse

Pain Points:

The monitoring site does not have enough security guards. If an intrusion happens, it would be difficult for users to take action and stop the crime immediately.


In application scenarios like a warehouse, the security guard at the monitoring center can warn off intruders with voice warning through the two-way talk system without being at the monitored scene.

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Dahua HDCVI 6.0 Boasts 4K Real-time & Advanced AI Capabilities


HANGZHOU, China /February 06, 2020 Dahua Technology, a world leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, takes a step forward with its self-developed and patented HDCVI technology. A longtime leader in the realm of HDCVI that offers great convenience, best quality and least cost, Dahua Technology launches HDCVI 6.0, boasting industry's first 4K real-time and advanced AI capabilities.

Dahua Technology Unveils Core Product Launch for 2020

Dahua Technology Unveils Core Product Launch for 2020


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Leaflet_Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS_V1.0_EN_202102(6P)

Leaflet_Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS_V1.0_EN_202102(6P)