The total global vehicle production is expected to reach 85,016,700 in 2022, relatively increasing the demand for car parking and prompting for better optimization of vehicle parking management. The Dahua Smart Parking Solution offers professional and comprehensive products to improve parking management and enhance parking experience. Dahua's open product ecosystem makes it easier for users to connect their devices to the Dahua platform or other third-party platforms.
  • Entrance & Exit

    • Know everything in a glance
    The number of available parking spaces is counted by the software and displayed on the outdoor screen. Multi-area display is supported.
    • No ticket and no stop
    Vehicle access is controlled by the ANPR camera, eliminating the need for parking tickets. It improves traffic flow without any delays.
    • Complete evidence preservation
    The platform maintains complete entry and exit records as well as ANPR captured images, facilitating the provision of complete evidence in case of accidents and disputes.
    • Flexible settings for access authorization
    Allows setting of Blocklist or Allowlist using a flexible template with plate number, time, lane, channel, etc.

  • Outdoor Parking

    • Comprehensive surveillance
    Provides 24/7 surveillance with access camera and guidance camera.
    • Effective parking guidance
    Helps drivers to quickly find available parking spaces.
    • Efficient monitoring
    1 camera can monitor the status of up to 50 parking spaces.
    • Efficient parking management
    Recognition Rate: ≥95% (depending on the country and based on certain terms).
    Supports illegal parking detection.

  • Access ANPR Cameras
  • Spot Detection Cameras
  • LED Screens
  • Barrier
  • Accessories


Access ANPR Camera


Access ANPR Camera


Access ANPR Camera


Access ANPR Kit


2MP Long Range Access ANPR Camera


2MP Long Range Access ANPR Camera


1200mm pole