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Dahua Launches Wireless Series for Small & Medium Sized Scenarios

Dahua Launches Wireless Series for Small & Medium Sized Scenarios

November 22, 2023 / Hangzhou, China. Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, launches the Dahua Wireless Series that offers flexible, compact and wireless cameras that are ideal for small and medium sized application scenarios. The range comprises the Turret, Picoo, Bullet and Hero series, all designed to provide easy-to-install and discreet monitoring of your premises. The cameras in the Dahua Wireless Series are simple to install, thanks to their lack of cabling and their intuitive ‘plug and play’ set-up. They can be managed and operated over cell phone networks using the Dahua Mobile Security Surveillance (DMSS) app, or via WiFi via the Dahua Security System (DSS) video management system, both of which provide professional remote surveillance management platforms to end-users. Using the software, users can manage device migration and device sharing within individual accounts, and remote monitoring of both live and recorded video. Selected cameras (Hero Series and Picoo Series) also provide seamless 360o all-round monitoring, making them ideal for commercial sites. Other features of the Dahua Wireless Series include built-in AI for smart human detection – resulting in more efficient use of the cameras and fewer false alarms – and built-in microphone and speaker to enable two-way talk feature, providing another dimension to situational awareness if needed. When not manually monitoring their cameras, users are sent real-time notifications to alert them of potential incidents. They are also able to store video safely and reliably using a professional SD card, NVR or cloud storage. Privacy mode is also available on some cameras (Hero Series). Comprehensive Wireless Cameras Two of the Turret range (T2A-LED and T4A-LED) feature Dahua Full-color technology, giving users clear, color images even in darkness enabling better identification of people. AI enables smart human detection, resulting in more efficient use of the camera and fewer false alarms. These cameras also feature Smart Dual Light technology in the form of infrared light in darkness, and white light when an incident is detected. This helps minimize light pollution while providing clear color images when needed. The Picoo Series also features Smart Dual Light technology to record color footage of key events. It pans through 360o to provide all-round surveillance and features two-way audio as well as sound and light alarms for deterrence. Likewise, some models of the Bullet cameras (F2C-LED and F4C-LED fixed focal cameras) are also equipped with Full-color and Smart Dual Light technologies. What’s more, all cameras in this series have IP67 protection rating to ensure optimal operation even in harsh weather environments, and feature smart human detection and audio visual alarms to warn and deter intruders.