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With technological innovation and rising consumption levels, today's cities and towns around the world have given rise to multiple demands in terms of transportation travel and management modes. The increasing number of vehicles traveling on urban and rural roads inevitably overloads local transportation systems while satisfying individual travel needs. This has a negative impact on both the quality of the living environment of residents and the sustainability of cities.

As one of the leading pioneers in the global industry, Dahua provides comprehensive intelligent transportation solutions and smart technologies to ensure people's safe and efficient journeys. For daily travel, the intelligent detection and command system can greatly reduce traffic congestion and improve travel efficiency. During driving, the intelligent monitoring and management system can effectively regulate traffic driving behavior, reduce the accident rate and improve the quality of residents' living environment.

Dahua's intelligent transportation solutions integrate high-performance devices and management platforms with continuous innovation and personalization to cover a variety of urban road traffic and smart parking scenes.

Dahua ITS products are committed to solving transportation system problems with professional capabilities. It aims to respond to low-carbon actions, promote green living and help cities develop sustainably.

Smart Traffic Solution

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Dahua already offers its traffic algorithm capabilities in different regions, including Asia, MENA, Europe, Latin America, Brazil and more. We are committed to helping customers solve their traffic business problems and customize solutions to meet urban intelligent transportation needs.

We continue to inspire and innovate according to the special needs of different regions, integrating various products with multidimensional technologies. The company launched a technology-rich all-in-one Spotter series, and successfully promoted it in the Middle East and North Africa regions. This series helps local traffic departments to achieve centralized traffic enforcement for any violation on the road.

Dahua provides a variety of professional products and customized solutions for its global customers, truly solving local traffic challenges and creating more possibilities for the future development of intelligent transportation systems in cities and towns.