Dahua Launches New IPC WizMind S Series That Offers Smarter Vision & Stronger Shield


January 7, 2023 / Hangzhou, China. Dahua, a world-leading video-centric smart AIoT solution and service provider, has released the latest upgrade of its IPC WizMind 5 series – the IPC WizMind S series. Utilizing AI technology, this series greatly improves image performance, offers rich intelligent functions, supports flexible environment adaptability and comes in plastic-free packaging, providing various application scenarios with smarter vision and stronger shield.

The IPC Wizmind S series provides AI-Powered Image that utilizes technology to effectively improve image performance especially under low light conditions (or strong illumination) and restore details of both human and vehicle targets with improved WDR image effect. It also has Time-Division Exposure technology for clearer snapshots when intelligent functions are being used (e.g. Video Metadata).

Notably, this series is equipped with a better low-illumination image effect called Deeplight, an upgrade of Starlight and Starlight+. It utilizes deep learning algorithm to process images, thus effectively reducing image noise and achieving better image quality in environments with low illumination or even during nighttime.

In addition, the IPC WizMind S series has an artillery of intelligent functions that are suitable to numerous application scenarios. Video Metadata – one of the newest intelligent features of this series – can detect and capture up to 100 targets simultaneously with 97% accuracy rate*, of which it selects the best images and extracts relevant attributes. This series can also recognize various types of sounds (scream, breaking glass, etc.) through its Smart Sound Detection, providing timely push notifications and improving security surveillance of users. Its Perimeter Protection function utilizes better algorithm model to correctly detect targets with up to 99% accuracy* and effectively filter out irrelevant objects to reduce false alarms. It also offers several detection types for different applications, such as tripwire, intrusion, parking, loitering, and gathering. Other intelligent functions of this series include Face Detection, People Counting, Heat Map, Smart Object Detection and more.

Credible adaptability is also one of the highlights of IPC WizMind S series. It supports Dual Power Backup function that allows the IPC to switch to another power supply without restarting the device (Dahua switch and power adapter must be connected) if one of the power supplies cuts off, thus ensuring continuous 24/7 operation of the camera. Additionally, the H models of this series also offer P-iris for precise lens aperture control, anti-corrosion coating for extra protection against highly corrosive environments (e.g. coastline), dual mics with max. 18m range and 80dB single sound source pickup, and heater that can withstand –40 °C to +60 °C operating and storage temperature.

Furthermore, the IPC WizMind S series uses plastic-free packaging made from environmentally friendly materials and innovative packaging technology. It uses paperboard inserts made from recycled paper, plastic-free materials on the box surface, PLA material for the device and accessories’ cover bags, as well as eco-friendly non-toxic protective box coating, significantly reducing garbage disposal costs and effectively promoting sustainable packaging. What’s more, this new camera packaging has undergone high drop test to ensure its stability and durability.

Overall, the IPC Wizmind S series provides more business value to distributors, system integrators, installers and end-users in terms of improved image performance powered by AI, multiple intelligent functions, adaptability to various environment conditions, and eco-friendly plastic-free packaging. It is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios including stadium, railway station, pedestrian street, luxury shop, city road, retail store, etc. With customer-centered approach to innovation and development, Dahua will continue to provide more intelligent products that meet the requirements of diverse application scenarios, enabling a safer society and smarter living.

*Note: The test data is based on standard testing environment.

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