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Perimeter Protection

What is Perimeter Protection

The Dahua Perimeter Protection is based on AI algorithm and focuses on human and vehicle, providing a highly efficient, reliable, and cost-effective visualization solution.

Powered by AI, it offers high-definition capability that can provide accurate and predictable intrusion alarms. It can also record visual and detailed information in time. The alarm events can be sent to the mobile app in real time via push notification, and lights and siren can be linked to provide real-time deterrent warning.


  • Accurate Detection

    Dahua Perimeter Protection can effectively filter false alarms caused by animals, leaves' movement, and flashing lights, greatly improving accuracy.
  • Target Classification

    Users can select human or vehicle for alarm according to scene requirements. Each rule line supports human and vehicle classifications, and provides visual alarm effect.
  • Quick Target Search

    Human and vehicle options for quick search.
  • Remote Monitor

    The alarms triggered via the Perimeter Protection can be sent to mobile app as push notifications, making it easier for users to know what happened in the monitored scene.
  • Active Deterrence

    With built-in spotlight and security siren, Active Deterrence IP camera supports two-way talk and can actively keep intruders away from your property.

Solution and Product


·Easy and quick upgrade from traditional video channel to an intelligent visual system.

·WizSense cameras all support SMD Plus.

·Active Deterrence cameras with built-in mic and speaker support siren and light waring.

    Typical Scenario

    • Factory

    • Villa

    • No Parking Zone

    • Industrial Park