Body Temperature Monitoring Solution


Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing Dahua thermal equipment for temperature Monitoring (hereinafter referred to as Equipment). Since the Equipment is a very high-precision monitoring tool, our special service policies are as follows:

1. Warranty Notice

The Equipment is a valuable monitoring tool, need to calibrate and test the equipment in an authorized facility.

2. Installation and Test Requirements

The Equipment needs to be installed in a certain environment, and must strictly follow Dahua’s standards. The installation training course and materials are listed in the link below:

Customer should purchase bracket, power, and connector with thermal detector from Dahua. Otherwise, the Customer shall guarantee that the components strictly follow Dahua’s specification.
Tripod:Height of Camera 2m, Height of Blackbody 1.8m.

We also provide remote installation checking service. Please send installation information including photos to us through the following methods:



Global Center call: 0086+4006728166-2

3. Maintenance

Equipment needs to be checked every 3 days to keep its accuracy by following the procedure documents, which can be downloaded from the link in part 2 (Installation Requirements). Dahua can also provide remote Equipment check service by e-mail, if Buyer provides all maintenance documents. Dahua also can provide additional on-site precision check and test service for Blackbody.

4. To ensure Equipment’s monitoring accuracy, please read the following instructions carefully:

The installation and commissioning of the Thermal Camera and Blackbody shall strictly follow the instruction manual issued by Dahua.
Please be sure to install Thermal Camera and Blackbody in a good indoor environment because both of them are sensitive to temperature. Indoor environment is required to be stable without wind, and the ambient temperature range is 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. Meanwhile the environment needs to avoid the impact of sunlight, backlight, reflection, shielding, high temperature, vibration, low light, humidity, strong airflow, strong electromagnetic and other factors on Thermal Camera and Blackbody, and it is strictly forbidden to operate Blackbody below 0 ℃.
Please be aware that the equipment accuracy will be affected if installed outdoors, for the outside temperature, humidity, wind speed, and sunlight.
It is not allowed to have high-temperature heat sources in the coverage area of the camera's screen, so please avoid interference from high-temperature heat sources such as heaters, hot water points, microwave ovens, high-power lamps, and radiators.
Please ensure Thermal Camera could capture people’s forehead effectively. It is suggested to add signs to guide such as temperature monitoring warning signs.
It is not allowed to move the location of the Blackbody. If have to, please follow the installation instruction.
It is forbidden to touch the radiating surface of the Blackbody. Rain, spray, and water pollution will affect the accuracy of the Blackbody. To guarantee Equipment’s accuracy, heat dissipation space should be reserved around the Blackbody, the distance from the surrounding objects should not be less than 10 cm.
The Blackbody cannot be used for any other applications except temperature testing and precision checking.

If the Equipment is not installed following above instructions. Dahua will take no liabilities nor any damages and losses arising from it.

5. Upon receiving this Notice, the customer must be fully aware of all necessary steps need to be taken to keep the Equipment’s accuracy. It is the Customer’s liability to inform his buyer or installer about the content of this notice, and provide all installation information.

6. Following products covered in Notice:


Product Model

Thermal Camera

DH-TPC-BF3221 Series / DH-TPC-BF5421 Series



Best regards.