Dahua Technology Honored with the 2021 CSA GCR "Security Golden Shield Award"


Hangzhou, China / March 15, 2022 - The 2021 CSA GCR Congress was held online on March 9. With its outstanding achievements in security technology research and compliance system construction, Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, was honored with the CSA GCR 2021 Security Golden Shield Award. At the same time, a number of research results contributed by Dahua were officially released during the conference, including IoT Security Specifications, Cloud Application Security Technical Specifications and Cloud Native Security Technical Specifications.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to best practices in secure cloud computing environment. The Security Golden Shield Award by CSA GCR is one of the most renowned awards in the field of cloud security. It is a special honor given to leading companies in the relevant security field with core competitiveness in security capabilities and protection levels, and whose security products and solutions have been recognized by the industry. This award fully affirms the security strength of Dahua's products and service, and demonstrates Dahua's leading position in the field of security technology.

Effective protection of cybersecurity and data security is the key to the continuous and in-depth development of AIoT. Facing the common cybersecurity risks and challenges brought about by economic globalization, Dahua Technology attaches great importance to cybersecurity and privacy protection. The company has built a complete security protection and compliance system, and has dedicated efforts in enhancing its security competencies in four major areas: security engineering capabilities; endogenous security technology frameworks; penetration and defensive capabilities; and security emergency response and ecosystem capabilities. Through a series of effective security approaches and practices, Dahua aims to enhance product security capability with advanced technology, ensure product life cycle with reliable engineering, and improve user security experience with excellent services.

Since the launch of its "Security Baseline" plan, Dahua has been adhering to the core principles of "Security by Design" and "Security by Default", while deeply exploring and developing product security technologies to provide users with solid security guarantees. As one of Dahua's highest corporate standards, the Security Baseline has been deeply integrated into the company’s product quality assurance system to ensure that the entire series of Dahua products is covered by the factory default security. Together with the company’s product security center, users not only enjoy security and quality assurance but also experience simple and convenient security configuration services.

In the future, Dahua will continue to actively utilize its professional capabilities and social responsibilities in terms of security compliance system, industry norms, talent training and technological innovation, creating secure and credible products and services, as well as contributing to the safe, healthy and sustainable development of the smart IoT industry.