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Dahua メモリ製品


Dahua のメモリ製品は、Dahua Technology の子会社である Dahua Memory Technology 株式会社より提供しております。
セキュリティ産業やデータ管理業務で数年にわたり経験を積んできた Dahua では、現在、NAND フラッシュメモリの独自開発を進めております。SSD メモリカード、USB フラッシュドライブなど、信頼性の高い安定したストレージ製品をお届けしたいと考えております。私どもは、「安全なデータストレージのトップ企業」になることを目標としており、提携企業と力を合わせつつ、サプライチェーンを構築し、高品質の製品を開発して、全世界の消費者に幅広いストレージソリューションを提供しております。



Solid State Drives

Dahua's comprehensive SSD portfolio offers large capacities, high performance and excellent power efficiency suitable for small form factor (SFF) devices. These consumer-grade solid state drives with high-quality 3D wafer chip are designed for personal desktops and notebooks. It offers high data management capability, ensuring quick start-ups and stable transmission.

Memory Card

Only after strict process and comprehensive inspection can Dahua’s memory card be delivered to customers. The rigorous process requirements and overall testing system have made our storage reliable with excellent quality.

USB Flash Drives

Dahua‘s USB flash drive offers excellent performance, reliability and compatibility. Our products are ideal for shooting videos, taking photos, listening to music, playing games, etc. With these USB flash drives, users can keep valuable files safe to allay worries of losing their digital devices.

External Storage

They are portable, compact and easy to operate. With strong compatibility and great performance, our products support various operating systems and come with elegant appearance, making it a suitable gift for friends and family.