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  • DAHUA Training Certification
  • DAHUA Partner Certification


The Dahua Training and Certification Program is devoted to increasing the all-around capabilities of engineers in the field of security. It seeks to assist in improving their abilities in product selection, solution design, product installation, equipment debugging, function operation, and troubleshooting. The program includes theoretical training and practical training, which strengthens study results.


Grasp knowledge of the full range of Dahua products. Complete product selection based on functional requirements.
Become familiar with general solutions for vertical industry. Acquire the basic ability to design solutions according to project requirements.
Acquire basic abilities for installation, debugging, and function operation of the full range of Dahua products.

  • Technical Certification
    Video Surveillance SystemDHSA-VSSDHSP-VSS
    Intelligent Building SystemDHSP-IBS
    Parking Management SystemDHSP-PMS
    Traffic Management SystemDHSP-TMS
    Display and ControlDHSP-DAC
    Video Management SystemDHSP-VMS
    Special Certification
    Small and Medium Business

Certification Process

Dahua Official Certification Email: certification@dahuatech.com


  • Online Learning

    We recommend participating in the online training to get the theory knowledge. If you don’t have account, please contact regional training manager.

  • Webinar

    We will arrange the online live training regularly based on the customer requirement.

  • Classroom Training

    We recommend classroom training to strengthen the practical ability.


DHSA Certification: Online Exam.
DHSP Certification: Online Exam and Offline Practical Exam.
DHSE Certification: Online Exam, Offline Practical Exam, Interview Exam.
If you want to apply for the exam, please contact Dahua local customer manager.


Dahua will award course certificates to those who have passed course examinations. Each certificate is valid for 2 years + 30 days (buffer period when the certificate is invalid)

Already Certified?

Certificate Verification

Certificate Expired?

Participate in the recertification exam. If recertification is successful within a certificate's 30 days buffer period, the certificate validity period will be extended by 2 years after the original expiration date.