2023 Dahua Smart Building Global Summit: Embrace the Future of AIoT, Co-create an Open Ecosystem


June 9, 2023 / Hangzhou China. Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, held the Smart Building Global Summit on Jun 7-8 at its global headquarter in Hangzhou. The event brought together more than 50 senior executives and industry leaders from world-renowned real estate companies to share current challenges, insights into the latest trends, and their own industry experiences and practices.

In his opening speech, Jason Zhao, Executive President at Dahua Technology, emphasized the significance of digitalization in the real estate industry. "The influence and transformation brought by digitalization to the property sector are immense,” he said. “By leveraging our innovative strengths in AIoT, big data, cloud computing, and other fields, Dahua empowers various industries worldwide. We work together with our ecosystem partners to construct smart building solutions and service systems, with successful cases seen in more than 30 countries like Dubai (UAE), Qatar, Australia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and Malaysia. By leveraging technology and the power of digital transformation, Dahua demonstrates our devotion to creating a safe, reliable, green, efficient, and convenient new format for the real estate industry."

Jason Zhao, Executive President at Dahua Technology, Kicking Off the Summit

James Wang, General Manager of Overseas Solutions at Dahua R&D Center, also demonstrated Dahua’s end-to-end AI development from basic capabilities to industrial applications. At the same time, he highlighted the importance of co-creating an open and cooperative ecosystem, especially leveraging the integration of Dahua's capability pool and partner capability fusion, and achieving a win-win situation in digital intelligence through joint solutions.

James Wang, General Manager of Overseas Solutions at Dahua R&D Center, Delivering a Keynote Speech

Dahua’s advantages in the smart building industry and its commitment to green and sustainability were emphasized through a keynote speech by Tony Wei, Enterprise Solution Manager at Dahua Overseas Business Center. He outlined that safety, intelligence, and green are key factors driving the future building industry: "Safety is the foundation of buildings, AI improves efficiency, and green technology minimizes impact on the environment. From basic household safety to intelligent applications such as high-rise litter detection, touchless access, smart visitor management, to green features such as energy-efficient air conditioning and lighting, Dahua’s digital intelligence solutions not only offer enhanced safety, comfort and convenience but also contribute to a low-carbon future.”

Tony Wei, Enterprise Solution Manager at Dahua Overseas Business Center, Delivering a Keynote Speech

As an ecosystem partner of Dahua, Greentown Technology has been a leading industrial ecological operator with comprehensive strength in China, with more than ten years of practical experience in promoting the deep integration of technology and industrial real estate development. At the summit, Ang Chen, CEO of Greentown Technology shared a presentation titled "How AIoT Boosts Property Management Operations and Best Practices of Greentown Technology." He mentioned: “Greentown Technology and Dahua Technology both have our own expertise in empowering industrial real estate. Through the combination of respective advantages in software and hardware, we jointly set up an IoT laboratory for buildings and parks, developed and created an advanced "IoT base", to achieve full access to equipment, full application of data and business standardization, empowering the digital upgrades of various business scenarios such as safety management, facility and equipment management, property management, and energy management.”

Ang Chen, CEO of Greentown Technology Industry Group, Delivering a Keynote Speech

Another strategic partner of Dahua, HANSHIN Engineering & Construction in South Korea, has completed the transformation from a real estate developer to a leading real estate developer and general contractor. The Head of the Department, Choi Min Young also delivered a speech and stated: “The main goal of HANSHIN is to bring a smart lifestyle to users, which includes three aspects: convenience, safety, and communication. We have already had a lot of cooperation and implementation with Dahua in terms of security. HANSHIN and Dahua will strengthen our cooperation in the future to bring more intelligence to projects in South Korea.”

Choi Min Young, Department Head of HANSHIN Construction & Engineering, Delivering a Keynote Speech

Followed by the speeches, clients from the Middle East also shared the current situation of the local real estate market, as well as the achievements and experiences of cooperation with Dahua.

“Dubai's population and economy continue to grow rapidly. Compared to two years ago, real estate transactions in Dubai have increased by 66.3% and are expected to expand in the next six to twelve months.” said Viquaruddin Hussain, General Manager of ORO24 Developments. “Under the leadership of Mr.Atif Rahman, ORO24 seamlessly integrates traditional real estate with innovation and AI to cater to the increasing demands for quality real estate. We have already applied Dahua's Touchless Access and AI technology in our projects, and we hope to collaborate with Dahua in innovative products and management in the future to bring better service to customers,” he added.

Viquaruddin Hussain, General Manager of ORO24 Developments, Delivering a Keynote Speech

Aneesh Kumar, Vice President of Sobha Constructions mentioned that “Real estate in the UAE is booming, but it is also facing challenges such as price competition and skilled labor shortage. Sohba overcame these challenges by backward integration and integrating advanced technologies such as green energy and touchless access technology into our projects through a series of efforts and full process management. Especially in terms of video intercom products, Dahua perfectly meets our design and quality requirements with fast service and on-demand customization.”

Aneesh Kumar, Vice President of Sobha Constructions, Delivering a Keynote Speech

The summit served as a platform for local real estate industry players to share their insights and experiences regarding their collaboration with Dahua Technology. It also allows real estate experts around the world to explore Dahua’s AIoT products, solutions and innovative businesses in emerging fields at the 7,000 m2 Dahua’s Digital Intelligence Exhibition Hall.

In order to provide overseas customers with a better understanding of the development practices of domestic smart parks, the distinguished guests visited Zhejiang (Hangzhou) Intellectual Property Innovation Industrial Park jointly built by Dahua and Greentown Technology. Through on-site experience of intelligent applications such as smart operation command center, one-stop service center, and public space, the guests were deeply impressed by the digital operation and management mode of this smart park 3.0 benchmark project.

Guests Visiting Greentown Technology’s Intellectual Property Innovation Industrial Park

In the process of empowering urban digital innovation and enterprise digital intelligence transformation, Dahua continues to delve into the smart building industry, exploring intelligent applications around scenarios such as smart communities, commercial complexes, industrial parks, construction sites, and smart properties. In the future, Dahua will continue to work with partners to deepen integration and innovation, and jointly promote safer, smarter, and greener development of the real estate industry, helping partners enhance brand value, improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs, and continue to create value for customers.

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