What is Dahua X-Spans

The X-Spans series expands the camera view by expanding one or more lenses based on the traditional PTZ camera, providing a panoramic picture and detail in one camera.

Key Features

  • Panoramic Image & Detail In One View

    X-Spans’ Panoramic channel presents up to 180° ultra-wide view. It allows security teams to continue monitoring large areas with no interruptions, while PTZ cameras simultaneously zoom, tilt, or pan to monitor specific security events that occur.

  • Cost Reducing

    X-Spans series products generally consist of one or two bullet cameras and one PTZ camera.
    It effectively reduces both purchase and installation costs of the security system.
    • Purchase cost for equipment
    • Costs for installation poles
    • Reduced costs for network cables
    • Multiple channels share one IP

  • Linkage Mode

    The panoramic channel and detail channel can be linked to achieve smart tracking. When a human/vehicle triggers the IVS rule of the panoramic channel, the detail channel will proceed to track the detected object.
    • Linkage Tracking: The object can still be tracked even partially occluded.
    • Relay Tracking: linkage tracking + Auto tracking 3.0. The object can still be tracked continuously after walking out of the panoramic view.

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