Dahua adopts the "5E" design principle to deliver products and solutions that prioritize efficiency, cost reduction, security, and value creation for customers. With continuous innovation and development in 5 major aspects including Easy Installation, Easy Connection, Easy Configuration, Easy Usage and Easy Maintenance, we constantly create simpler, easier-to-use, and more efficient products and solutions.

Easy Connection

Fast, Secure and Reliable Interconnection

Easy Connection includes easy hardware connection and easy software connection. Easy hardware connection refers to connecting two or more devices or components to one another using physical cable media and connectivity interfaces. Easy software connection primarily describes the quick and easy insertion and connection of several devices using network signals.
Overall, it ensures that information is transmitted in an efficient, quick, and secure manner between Dahua devices as well as between Dahua and other devices and platforms. Dahua constantly aims to continuously optimize the connection process and guarantee higher security level and greater connection experience.

Easy Installation

Simple, Quick and User-friendly Installation

Easy installation refers to easy hardware installation and easy software deployment.
· For hardware, Dahua constantly optimizes their structural design, tools requirements, guide materials, process safety, etc., so as to improve the software's ease of installation.
· For software, Dahua continuously optimizes their accessibility, flexibility, complexity, and correctness, thus enhancing the easy installation of software products.

Easy Configuration

Convenient, Visual and Hassle-free Setup

Easy Configuration is mainly designed to enable various customer groups to configure their systems and handle installation debugging. Product features are made simple and convenient to operate in order to ensure the universality of the default parameters, web visualization, and configuration tool support. It shortens configuration time and provides guarantees to customers in the debugging and delivery stage, enabling hassle-free, efficient, and faster completion and implementation of the project.