Featuring thermal and visible channels, Eureka series thermal network camera offers various AI functions such as tripwire, intrusion, call detection, smoking detection, and heat detection. It can be used in short-distance monitoring scenes such as perimeter protection and heat monitoring, which provides an all-in-one video surveillance solution for small and medium scenes. The camera is widely applied in factory, parking lot, villa, and more.
• High analysis accuracy: Thermal cameras with high sensitivity detector can easily find small heat targets at a long distance and total darkness environment, and they can reduce the occurrence of false alarm caused by cats, dogs, leaves and other influences.
• Flexible Rules & Alarms (-T Model): Each temperature measurement rule can independently linked to white light and audio alarm. Alarm information can be flexibly configured according to requirements.
• Remote auxiliary management: Monitoring center staff can change cameras work status online. During the daytime while workflow is going, they can disable intelligent functions temporary. When it comes to the night, the cameras can be inversed and role again. This mechanism protects property effectively and realize the flexible management at the same time.
• Anti-solar reflection false alarm: They can filter fire alarm through combination of the visible light and reduce false alarm.
  • TPC 1 Series


WizSense Thermal Network Bullet Camera


Thermal Network Mini Hybrid Bullet Camera


Thermal Network Mini Hybrid Eyeball Camera


Thermal Network Mini Hybrid Eyeball Camera