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Carnaval del País: Dahua Technology Helps Secure the Longest Carnaval in the World


Located in the city of Gualeguaychú in Argentina, Carnaval del País is a festive season that runs for two whole months, holding the world record as the longest carnival in the world. It is full of lively events featuring energetic samba dancers dressed in sequins and feathers as well as parades of colorful and beautifully crafted floats. To accommodate the event, the city built its own Sambadrome called the Corsódromo, the first of its kind in Argentina. It has an extension of 500 meters long and a track width of 10 useful meters, which can hold up to 38,000 spectators.


Implementing an outdoor video monitoring solution that can cover a capacity of 38,000 people was a massive challenge and not an easy task for the entire team. The client required a surveillance system that can monitor the crowd’s security; from the moment they enter the stadium, watch and enjoy the show, until they leave the premises. Recorded video footages must also be readily available for further analysis in case of an incident.


The team deployed several types of Dahua cameras around Corsódromo to monitor the situation during the carnaval. A dozen 4MP IR Vari-focal Bullet WizMind Network Camera (IPC-HFW5442H-ZHE) were deployed to cover various areas of the venue. Aside from providing clear and vivid images, this intelligent camera is also equipped with deep learning algorithms that enable intelligent functions such as video metadata, smart object detection, people counting, and more. It has IP67 waterproof rating and IK10 vandalproof rating, making it durable and reliable for outdoor applications. Other cameras installed include 4MP 32x Starlight IR WizSense Network PTZ Cameras (SD5A432XB-HNR), 2MP 33x Starlight+ Laser WizMind Network PTZ Camera (DH-SD6AL233XA-HNR), and Integrated Solar Monitoring System (DH-SD6C3432XB-HNR-AGQ-PV).

After each show, the situation at the entrance are also being analyzed through the recorded footages (via NVR5216-8P-I/L) in order to reduce waiting/queuing time in the future. It also helps in deploying security personnel in the right location to avoid unauthorized entry, theft, or any misdemeanor. What’s more, cameras with integrated alarm system were strategically installed in crucial zones and are supervised by dedicated personnel on regular basis. All cameras are checked one day before each event to make sure their optimal condition and performance during the event.


The Dahua video monitoring solution deployed in Corsódromo for the Carnaval del País is a technological step forward from what it had in previous years. Through this new monitoring system, the management of the venue can efficiently monitor the situation inside the stadium and make necessary adjustments if needed. It helps optimize the entry time of spectators to avoid congestion and assists in assigning security personnel at crucial points around the venue to prevent incidents from happening; all of which contribute to the enhanced on-site experience of every spectator and improved security measures of Corsódromo.